The Definitive console command guide


no the question isn't "why would you break the game with console commands" it's why not so here's the steps brothers and sisters

1. you must locate the file named "steam library" in whichever drive you store your games on and maybe other private items

2. you need to make sure your file explorer bar looks how I guide you in order to properly edit the game

3. open the game and steam library folder in file explorer and go in this order >>>>

steamlibrary/steamapps/common/cookieclicker/resources/app/ and then search in the search bar "start.js"

4. you should see a javascript file with that name that you need to open using some text reader such as notes which should already be on your by you can use it by right clicking the start.js file with your mouse and press open with and than use notes or the app of your choice

5. right around the 12th line on the data you have open up you should see a part that says "dev=0" you need to change that zero value to a 1 in order for the console to activate

6. you should save the note file and exit cookie clicker and re open it to now see the console on the right side of your screen now navigate your way to the "console" tab where you can input commands I list in the next section of the review

P.s keep in mind if you no longer want the console to be in your game you just need to go back to the dev value and change it back to 0


this is the part where I tell you the command lines you can use in order to get certain things in the game keep in mind I wouldn't recommend over doing it with the number of items you generate as it can break your cookie counter

the commands include basic things such as

Game.Earn(number) fill in the Parentheses with any amount of the item you want

Game.Objects["Building"].level -= x;



Game.Achievements["Cheated cookies taste awful"].won=0

most of if not all of the commands start the same and only require you to change the name of what item you want

Thank You Friends

this last part is a thank you for reading my guide and I hope I could help fellow cookie lovers


if you really want to get this game 100% while not using console commands just use a achievement unlocker more times than not people cry about it with no actual reason


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