Recommended Mods for Cookie Clicker

Introduction (and Disclaimers)

So for some reason my previous guide on this game is my best performing one yet (as of 3/24/2024 or 24/3/2024) so I decided to make another one!

This guide is for modifications to Cookie Clicker that I personally recommend. Including some I don't! You don't have to listen to me, but in case your stuck in the workshop and do NOT want to break your game, then this may be the guide for you!

However, just some disclaimers:

1. These are just my opinions

2. Some mods may be incompatible with one another

3. This guide mostly details mods found in the STEAM version of the game. Some mods work on the web with the creator providing the source code for it, but most mods are found in the Steam Workshop (but the game is so cheap you might as well buy it)

4. Most mods are intended for LATE-GAME players. Early and mid-game players can still use these, but you might find the game less enjoyable.

5. Honestly, just go ham. Are you even looking at these? Maybe not. But I can't stop you from using mods when you just bought the game 5 seconds ago.

Alright, enough blabbing. Let's get on with it!

How Does One Access Mods?

Well, first, you'll need to head to the Steam Workshop. There's many ways you can do this, but this is a basic layout:

1. In the Steam Client, hover over the 'Community' tab, but don't click it.

2. Move down to 'Workshop' and click it.

3. In the 'Search for a Workshop' text box, type 'Cookie Clicker'

4. Click the first thing that pops up right below the box.

5. You're in the Workshop!

It should be noted that I'll link all the items listed as we come to them. It should also be noted that some people hate originality and like to repost mods WITHOUT THE ORIGINAL CREATOR'S PERMISSION in hopes to gain love and support. Always double check that the mod you're downloading is by the official creator. How do you determine that? Google it (you may get the answer, maybe not). If it's by the official creator, then you'll get constant updates. If it's not, pray to whoever you may believe in that the reposter has coding experience (which is not true since they'd program their own mods.)

However, since some mods were cancelled/deleted, people will repost those kind of mods. That is okay, especially if the creator said in a nutshell "go ham and use the code for your mods"

The mods I'll list will be by the official creator (I hope.)

Second, in Cookie Clicker, you need to access the Mod Menu. Luckily, this is easy.

1. Open the 'Options' in CC.

2. Scroll until you see a 'Mods' header.

3. Click 'Manage Mods'

4. You should see, if you haven't modded the game at all, three sample, disabled mods.

These base mods, to my knowledge, don't do anything. Whenever you install a mod, if your game is open, close it then open it. Head to this menu, and click the mod you want then hit 'Enable' on the right. You can move the priority up or down depending on what the mod creator states. After changing your mod order and whatnot, hit 'Restart with new changes'

Think of this menu like Fallout 4 and Skyrim mod menus, except it's nuclear cookies and Krumblor (that wasn't funny, im sorry.)

Now, we can actually get to the mods!

Types Of Mods I'll Cover

There are a few categories I have put these mods into.

AutomationMods that assist you in doing certain task(s), or do the process themselves entirely.

BuyingMods that assist in the purchase of buildings, or do the process themselves entirely.

PrestigeMods that change the Prestige system of Cookie Clicker, or do the process themselves entirely.

Fun KillersMods that take the fun out of Cookie Clicker by somewhat cheesing the process of waiting/luck.

CosmeticsMods that apply a VISUAL change to the game, but not a technical one.

MiscellanousMods that do not fit any of the above critera.

(Prerequisite) CCSE

In order for a huge majority of mods to work, you will need to install CCSE.

Very few mods do not require CCSE, however most (if not all) of the mods I will showcase require CCSE.

Basically, all this mod does is add a few hooks and code to Cookie Clicker to make game-changing mods work. With CCSE mods, they are also more than likely compatible with each other! This prevents modders from needing to inject their mod into the code, which tends to be hell with multiple mods. Gameplay wise, nothing changes with base CCSE.

When you get the mod in your list, move it to the top of the list, so it loads before any other mod. Not doing this will make mods funky.

Pros- You get mods to work

- Most mods work with each other

Cons- When CC updates, CCSE could act a little funky if outdated (this is usually fixed pretty fast though)

Automation: AutoClicker Mod

Still runs with other mods that contain an Autoclicker, but only one Autoclicker can run at a time. Might be incompatible with a few of these mods.

So, when it comes to automating clicking cookies, there are definitely some better alternatives such as The Best Autoclicker by Tenixx17, but this is the one I personally use.

This mod places an Autoclicker section right below the Upgrades section. This mod allows you to change the speed at which the automation runs. You can even disable the automation by clicking the "AutoClicker" text!

Pros- Autoclicks

- Changeable speed

Cons- Cannot be run with multiple autoclickers

- Useless with the better alternatives

Automation: Automation+

Still runs with other mods that contain an Autoclicker, but only one Autoclicker can run at a time. Might be incompatible with a few of these mods.

Again, there are some better alternatives, but I personally use this mod as it has a more user-friendly menu to me.

This mods automates more than the clicking of cookies. It also automates other things like Golden Cookies, automatically cast spells, bank stocks, and much more.

Pros- Autoclicks

- Automates certain buildings

- Automates sugar lump harvest

- 2 built-in mods that can be toggled

Cons- Cannot be run with multiple autoclickers

- Useless with the better alternatives

- Menu can break with certain mods

Automation: Cookie Garden Helper - Reloaded

May not work with other Garden automaters.

This mod allows you to automate the Garden from the Farm building. It has many options, and is accessed by clicking the "CGHR" button the Farm building (must be at least level 1.)

With CGHR, you are able to auto-plant seeds, automate soil changes, auto-harvest what doesn't match a saved layout, and much more.

Pros- Automates the Garden

- Utilizes a saved layout

- Avoids Immortal Plants

- Automates removing Weeds

Cons- Doesn't plant when the Garden is empty, just immediately after initial harvest

- Can change soil at wrong moments

Automation: Auto Click And Buy Mod

Not recommended if you have Automation+. May not work with other Autoclickers.

This mod works a lot like Automation+, but has a good Autobuy feature! Autobuy basically automatically buys the building that incurs the most CPS. For example, if your Cursors contribute to most your CPS, then autobuy will...automatically buy Cursors. It'll keep doing it until your building changes.

The mod has more features, but they're basically identical to Automation+.

Pros- Autoclicks

- Autobuys

- Automates a lot of things

Cons- Just Automation+(+!)

- Better alternatives

Automation: Auto Ascension

Ok, so this one is a little "eh" because there are MUCH better alternatives.

This mod just ascends you to the prestige system automatically whenever it's given the chance to. It does not spend Heavenly Chips.

Pros- Makes related achievements easier

- Autobuys stuff until it can prestige

- Doesn't spend Chips

Cons- Doesn't spend Chips

- Turned on automatically when CC is started, meaning it will ascend you right away when you don't want it to

Buying: Bulk Buy X

Works with most autobuyers!

This mod allows you to buy more than 100 buildings at once. You can set the number to whatever you want, with a cap at 1000. You can buy 420 Yous, for instance! (that also wasnt funny)

Pros- Bulk Buy

- Easier purchases to round out

Cons- Max of 1000

Prestige: Even More Heavenly Upgrades & More Heavenly Upgrades Remastered

I put these two together since they work perfectly with each other.

Both these mods adds more contents and Prestige Upgrades to the prestige system. These include sugar lump time decreases, milk boosts, luck boosts, and so, SO much more.


- More Prestige upgrades

- Benefits in future playthroughs


- Costly in terms of Chips (though this is more of a CC thing with prestiges)

Fun Killers: Golden Cookie Storm

This mod is categorized as a 'Fun Killer" because, if your early to mid game, basically takes all the fun out of Cookie Clicker and patience.

Golden Cookie Storm just spawns a LOT of Golden Cookies, much like the actual 0.76~0.84% you have to get "Cookie Storm" in CC. However, this mod makes it continuous and Golden Cookies will ALWAYS spawn until disabled. Combined with an automation mod that can click these cookies makes it one of the most broken mods (in a good way).

Pros- Lots of Golden Cookies

- Lots of boosts

Cons- Takes the luck and fun out of CC

Fun Killers: Sugar Lumps Modifier

This mod allows you to change the tick rate at which sugar lumps mature, ripe and grow. By default, the rate is changed, for all settings, to 00:00:00 (hh:mm:ss) meaning you constantly get sugar lumps. By constantly, I mean you get around 100 every second.

Pros- Sugar lumps

- Helps level up buildings faster

- Helps with related achievements

Cons- Takes the fun out of CC

- Can lag the game if on poor PC

Cosmetics: Pride Cookie

This is a cosmetic since it just provides visual differences, not technical.

Have you ever wanted a homosexual cookie? No? Too bad. This mod changes the big cookie by adding a translucent layer of the original LGBTQ flag on top of it. The creator even made some sexuality and gender specific cookies!

The liberals made the damn thing WOKE!

Pros- Gay cookie

Cons- Certain people will kill me (but that is fine.)

Miscellaneous: No Notifications

All this mod does is close out of any in-game notifications that pop up during gameplay. Useful if you have Sugar Lumps Modifier or any automating process on.

Pros- Can reduce lag

- Notifications go bye-bye

Cons- Doesn't close out Steam achievement notifications (changeable)

Miscellaneous: Steam Achievements Status

This mod allows you to forcibly enable the ability to get Steam achievements. Only useful if you have mods that say they disable Steam achievements. Also useful so you do not have to disable mods and re-enable mods to sync achievements.

Pros- Achievements

- Life is easier

Cons- I guess they CAN break with newer achievements? Hadn't had a problem with it yet, though.

Miscellaneous: Cookies Per Minute

This mod shows you how many cookies you make every minute. Pretty self-explanatory.

Pros- Cookies per minute

Cons- There...aren't any.

Miscellaneous: Smooth Render And Smooth Framerate

I put these two mods together, as they work very well together. These mods change the rate at which frames are processed in CC.

They intend to try and get the game running as close to it's native FPS, 30. You can change these rates, but the game would act a little odd.

Pros- Changeable framerate

- Smoother gameplay

Cons- Can break game if FPS is wrong

BONUS: Non-recommended Mods

Now that the guide has (officially) concluded, I would like to share some honorable mentions for mods I personally do NOT recommend. This is not meant to bash creators of these mods, as I know they put their hard work into making it. These are just mods I don't like to use. To save creators from possible harassment, I will not link their mod directly.

True Offline ProductionThis mod is supposed to alter certain variables during the Offline Production portion of Cookie Clicker to make it more accurate to real time, but doesn't do that good of a job at it. All it really did for me was break the Options menu and made it so I couldn't disable the mod. I had to delete the mod directory for it to get my Options menu back.

Reposted ModsThese useless piles of junk is what people who hate being creative do. They repost popular mods and, since they're usually little children with no experience in coding, they cannot update "their" mod and it will eventually break when CC updates. Just, make sure the mod your subscribing to is by the original creator.

The End

Thank you for reading! I hope these mods help you on your Cookie Clicking journey. This guide may get updated regularly, so you may check back every now and then.

Happy modding!


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