how to quit

The Basics

Step one: navigate to the options menu

Step two: find the button labelled "save and quit"

Step three: uninstall the game

Advanced Techniques

After completing the previous steps, if you find yourself playing again, repeat the process but this time turn off your PC

Continue to follow the steps provided below:

Step one: remove the power from your PC and take any cables out of it

Step two: pick up the PC and find the nearest lake

Step three: throw it into the lake and make sure it gets thoroughly soaked, by this point it should be unusable

Step four: to make sure there is no way you can recover your save data or game, retrieve the PC and begin destroying it with a hammer, make sure the PC is unrecognisable before moving to the next step

Step five: leave society as a whole and live off of the grid on a small island far far away from anything that could remind you of Cookie Clicker

Step six: rejoice in the knowledge that you have finally been freed of the curse that is your addiction to cookie clicker, and i dont know probably find a way back home??


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