How to modify the game's texts! (Easy!)

How to modify the game's texts! (Easy!)


❗️ First of all, I'll clarify some things: This guide won't show you how to add a new language, only modify an existing one.

No programming knowledge is needed.

You can do whatever you want with this guide, like making a translation for your language, some sort of helpful thing or maybe just playing a bit.

I'll try to make this guide complete as possible, but I don't know everything, so if you do feel free to add topics and suggestions in the comments.


🤔 You don't need much to create a mod: A text editor (Notepad, VsCode, Notepad++...)See? :), thats all you'll need from now on.

First Steps

🔧Ok, everything done? Lets go!

First, we need to create a folder for our mod, so follow these steps;

Inside the game, go to options.

Find the mods tab, and click "manage mods"

Now open the mods folder by clicking "Open /mods folder":

Here you are!

Open the local folder and create a folder with the name of your mod, mine will be Emoji Clicker.

Now open your text editor and paste this, then replace with your information.

{ "Name": "Your mod name", "ID": "your mod unique id", "Author": "Your name/user", "Description": "What is your mod", "ModVersion": 1, "GameVersion": 2.043, "Date": "put the date of the mod creation mm/dd/yyyy", "Dependencies": [], "LanguagePacks": ["lang.js"], "Disabled": 1 } Save it as "info.txt", inside your mod's folder.

And now we're ready to start editing the game!

Editing The Texts (basic)

How to modify the game's texts! (Easy!) image 21
How to modify the game's texts! (Easy!) image 22

🚀 Ready to start your mod? I'll teach you how.With your text editor opened, create another file inside your mod's folder, this one is gonna be called "lang.js" (.js must be the file extension, not part of the name)

Now inside it, paste this:

/* Valid language codes are EN (English), FR (French), DE (German), NL (Dutch), CS (Czech), PL (Polish), IT (Italian), ES (Spanish), PT-BR (Portuguese), JA (Japanese), ZH-CN (Chinese), and RU (Russian). You can also use the language code "*" to apply to any language. */ ModLanguage("EN", { "REPLACE ALL": { "cookies": "watermelons", }, "Grandma (short)": "THE EVIL", "Grandma": "The pure chaotic evil", })

The code is quite simple at this point, but I'll explain it:

ModLanguage('EN', {This is the language we're modifying, in this case EN (English), but it can be any valid language just as mentioned above. If you use "*", it will be applied for every language.

"REPLACE ALL": { "cookies": "watermelons", }, "Replace all" is a way Cookie clicker lets you modify every instance of a text inside the game, for example in this case we're saying "turn every word cookies into watermelons".

To add new modifications, you just need to add another pair of "word to be replaced": "replaced by what", I'll show you some examples:

"REPLACE ALL": { "cookies": "watermelons", "cursor": "mouse-thingy", "spell": "black magic", }, The replace all method is not case sensitive, so it will change "cookies", "COOKIES" and even "cOokIeS", but not "cookie".

Now you can see the results: (just enable the mod from your options -> mods tab)

"Grandma (short)": "THE EVIL", "Grandma": "The pure chaotic evil", The buildings have 2 different names, the name shown in the building list (short), and the name shown in their tabs along with info about cookies, etc... here you can see both:

It is better replacing building names by using this way, instead of the "REPLACE ALL" method, but you can decide depending on your needs, because as you can see, changing the name didn't changed the description which keeps calling them grandmas.

And thats because the text outside "replace all" are case sensitive and must match EXACTLY how it is written, like we replaced only "Grandma", and not "grandma" or "grandmas".

Editing The Texts (advanced)

How to modify the game's texts! (Easy!) image 38
How to modify the game's texts! (Easy!) image 39

📚Great! So you learned by the basics.You learned how to replace buildings and words, but you want more right?

But before further explanation, I just wanna point that you shouldn't put these inside the "replace all", since they are too specific and aren't mentioned more than once.

Alright then, lets start by talking about quotes:

They are the descriptions for every building, for example the cursor quote is "Autoclicks once every 10 seconds.". To change them you need a specific syntax:

"[Building quote]Quote in english": "new quote"Some examples are:

"[Cursor quote]Autoclicks once every 10 seconds.": "Loud clicking noises", "[Grandma quote]A nice grandma to bake more cookies.": "DON'T INTERACT, KEEP DISTANCE", "[Farm quote]Grows cookie plants from cookie seeds.": "idk a good quote for this one", "[Wizard tower quote]Summons cookies with magic spells.": "abracookiedabra",

You can find each building quote in the game's wiki[] .

What about upgrades?

Sure, it will be a hard task, but you may be brave enough, so I'll teach ya.

Just as quotes, achievements also have a specific way to be written:

"[Upgrade name ID]English name": "New name", "[Upgrade desc ID]English description": "New description", "[Upgrade quote ID]English quote": "New quote", ID is the upgrade id, which isn't shown in the game but you can see through the game's wiki[] , along with their descriptions and names in english. (Sadly, they don't include quotes, but you can see through the game)

"[Upgrade name 0]Reinforced index finger": "Extra hand, innit", "[Upgrade desc 0]Reinforced index finger": "You grow a third hand, allowing you to click about <b>twice as much</b>.", "[Upgrade quote 0]Reinforced index finger": "Also increases your mittens budget by 50%.",

And finally, achievements!

They are almost the same as upgrades, with a tiny difference;

"[Achievement name ID]English name": "New name", "[Achievement desc ID]English description": "New description", "[Achievement quote ID]English quote": "New quote", Instead of "upgrade" you write "Achievement", but they work the same way, also there's the wiki for achievements[] .


🍀Since you you completed the guide......I'll teach you some bonuses!

You can also use emojis, stylized fonts and a lot more!

You can use bold aswell! Just put your text inside <b> </b>

The mouse and mouse-thingys are <b>twice</b> as efficient.


💖Ohh, you finished the guide!I hope I could help you in your modder journey, but if you still have any questions, comment them below and I will try to answer them.

Btw this guide took way more time than I expected haha, but it was fun for my first try.

And that's it folks, see ya!


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