How to get every achievement in Cookie Clicker with no effort


Here is how you 100% complete Cookie Clicker with little to no effort

How To Actually Do It

Step 1: Open the website version of the game

Step 2: Name your bakery and one word with "saysopensesame" at the end (ex. hisaysopensesame)

Step 3: Hover over the circuit board cookie (the image with the guide) in the corner to open the debug menu

Step 4: Click the button labeled "All achievs" to unlock every achievement in the game (including shadow achievements)

Step 5: Export your save from the options menu

Step 6: Open the Steam version

Step 7: Go to options and import the save you got from the website version

Step 8: Profit!

End Of Guide

Boom! You completed Cookie Clicker!

(if you don't believe me check my profile for proof)


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