How To Cook The Clickie


Want to click that clookie? Clook the cliker real good? The cookie too clicky for cooklie? Read below!

This game is very hard because lots of achievements, so here I will tell you how to see all achivements being seen on your steam profile for clicky cooker.

Step 1: Click

Click the cookie. If you have trouble figuring that out a lot of very original guides in the steam guide section can show you how to do that, plus I'm lazy so just click the cookie, just once for the first time is good enough.

Step 2: Count Your Clicks

Cook a clicker has many numbers and math, so it's good that instead of mashing mindlessly your mouse on the clookie, you should methodically and slowly click counting every click you do, generally do about 1 click every 3 seconds.

- Remember how many cokies you had (Ex: I haved 9 cokcs!)

- Clock the Click (Ex: Click it)

- Remember how many corks you had AND add +1 now (Ex: I haved 9 coocks, + 1 = 10 cookie!)

- Repeat process and always keep sure your clooker number is a nice good number you think that looks, like the number 6! Or 8! Or 24!

Step 3: Getting All Achievents

It's pretty simple really, repeat the entire process described in Step 2 for approximatly 5 months with 10 hour shifts doing clocking and you should have a bunch of achievements in no time! All other achievements that you find a bit harder to get I would suggest you just like cheat them in with like a Steam Achievement Manipulator or whatever idk this game is weird stop asking me.

End: Cokk

Clic Clic Clic!!! You did it!!! You got all the funny happy achievements! Now go try that in the real world with pretty much anything! Just click on any object or person and keep counting how many times you clacked on it! It's very fun especially on public restrooms and museums!

Keep em' clorkin and keep em' cokin! Give me steam points and favourite this guide and give me 5 stars and kiss me on the mouth passionately like we have a 5 year bond ok thank you!!! Good luck!!


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