How to advance obscenely quickly in a short amount of time, while still receiving steam achievements

Mods You'll Need

You'll need these two mods from the steam workshop

Step One

Once you've installed the mods, go into the options>mod options and make sure you have both of them enabled. Restart with the changes and you'll see two noticeable changes; one, that there is an auto clicker in the left hand corner of the screen, under the cookie. Two, that the grimore (minigame unlocked by spending at least one sugar lump to upgrade the wizard towers) now recharges mana absurdly fast. Now, you may say, "This is totally cheating, I'm going to report you to Orteil, you stinky little cheater." well first of all, that's hurtful, second of all, you would have eventually gotten this many cookies in the far future, you're basically just speeding up the process. And really, do you want to spend 75% of your lifespan clicking a big cookie in your mother's basement? Exactly. ON TO DA NEXT STEP

Step Two

First turn on your autoclicker to clicking golden cookies. I've also noticed that it autoclicks wherever you are on the screen, so you dont have to be constantly hovering over the big ol' cookie.

Second, navigate to the grimore minigame and start spamming the force the hand of fate spell. This will give you an absurd amount of cookies, and you should be able to ascend within a reasonable amount of time. You're welcome. Now have fun not cheating. (I mean, if you still get steam achievements its not really cheating...Right?) (Pro tip: Use the spell that decreases the chance of a spell failing before using FtHoF. If the spell fails you can always try again until you get the buff, seeing as you have a ridiculous amount of mana.)


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