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No Upgrades Only Buildings And Clicking


You can use heavenly chips as long as it dosent grant any upgrades such as the upgrade slots since it

defeats the purpose of the challenge

This once is kinda in the medium its hard and easy the main goal of this is to not get ANY upgrades like not even a single one first when you start off you have 0 cookies no buildings now you wanna start off by clicking (lol you know) after clicking for a while if you clicked around 15 times get an autoclicker keep continuing untill you have enough to afford a grandma buy a grandma after. Congrats! You now have an auto clicker and a grandma the most easiet thing you could do now you wanna repeat the progress a couple of times untill the profit of cookies start comin in after a bit of waiting and clicking you have around 1,100 cookies by now or maybe more You can buy a farm its efficient more beneficent than the grandma and the auto clickers (obvious) just keep clicking and clicking while just buying the buildings just click buy and repeat its gonna get more faster and faster keep buying builds you unlock on the way such as the mine and the bank and the others. I know its slow (or fast) but if you keep continuing you get faster and faster after a while you would around be having around 5k to 12k (waiting and clicking whatever your doing paid off) You probably have enough to buy a mine (sorry if you have 5k just keep clicking or waiting till you get to 12k) After buying a mine the real profits start comin in now im not gonna explain every single building as in Its currently 11:29 pm and im just sleep deprived also its pretty obvious on the players who play as in more buildings more cps ANYWAYS back to topic Its pretty easy or hard You click or idle and buy buildings repeat. Its basic I hope I helped you and you will enjoy this challenge anyways to the next one

Cookie Clicker Got Really, Really REALLY Strict

NOW this challenge is just hard or too easy the main objective is to ascend (or continue its on you)

This challenge just takes out aspects in the game as in No clicking golden cookies No Cats (whyyy) No Cheating (obvious)

You cant buy any buildings after you hit around 130 buildings for example (You have 130 farms. You cant buy anymore) And Your upgrade limit is 42 slots (choose wisely) Now i had this on my mind and I think its pretty good or bad (in your opinion)

Well on to the guide

So you start off once again with no cookies you need to get some buildings up in here such as some cursors and grandmas and farms and mines and all that stuff. But oh wait you cant do that because you need to be wise because of the amount of buildings you need. Its 130 buildings each building so it cant be that small right? You be careful. Now the upgrades you need to be wise as in you have limited slots for upgrades and limited buildings so you wanna stay small as possible get all the buildings you need to unlock upgrades to make more COOKIEESSS but we have around 42 upgrade slots so we have to be careful in order to get through this you can buy more buildings you dont have to buy an upgrade it first gives you as they are separate for example (you get plastic mouse upgrade keep buying cursors to get a diff upgrade) Hope that was helpful. Anyways you can buy upgrades just be wise limit the upgrades you buy limit the building you buy remember once its bought you cant sell it. Hope you have fun my g

Ima go to bed now and die

Sorry If This Is Short

Sorry if this was really short I was tired half the time and I had school tommorrow so yeah also sorry for the bad grammer im learning how to use grammer so sorry if the sections are a bit bad and all. I hope you enjoy my guide / things to do


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