All Easy Achievements

God Complex

Rename your bakery to Orteil.

Here You Go

Click this achievement's slot in game.

Cookie Dunker

Shrink your browser window until it looks like the big cookie is being dunked into the milk.

Tiny Cookie

Go to stats then go to cookies in bank, next to it is a cookie, click that.

In Her Likeness

Make your You have Hair 10, Hair colour 2, Skin colour 2, Head shape 3, Face 8, Extra A 1 and Extra B 4.

What's In A Name

Name your bakery.

Just Wrong

Sell a grandma.

Tabloid Addiction

Click the news ticker 50 times.

Olden Days

Scroll all the way down in Info then click the thumb shaped cookie.


Pick a sugar lump before it is ripe. 50/50 chance of getting the lump, you can save scum if you don't want to waste time.

In The Garden Of Eden (baby)

Fill all the slots in the garden with plants.

Stifling The Press

Shrink your tab to the smallest it can get, Wait until the news ticker says “News: help!” Then press it.

Debt Evasion

Take a loan, then ascend.

Kinda Easy Achievements.

These achievements are easy but aren't as easy as the ones before.

Uncanny Clicker (click really fast (use mouse+touchscreen)

Fading Luck (click a golden cookie less than one second before it fades)

Early Bird (click a golden cookie less than one second after it appears)

Appease the gradmatriachs at least 5 times (turn on elder pledge 5 times)

Get every Easter egg.

Get every Halloween themed cookie.

Get every Valentine themed cookie.

Pop 50 Wrinklers

Pop 200 Wrinklers

Remember that you get a achievement for every 50 buildings of a certain type you have.

Make a day of CPS in a single stock market sale.

Spend a day of CPS in a single stock market sale.


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