A all you can eat cookie clicker guide! A guide for beginners!

1. Starting Your Cookie Career!


Get Started:

Click on the big cookie in the center of the screen to produce cookies. Keep clicking until you have enough to buy your first building. You'll want to repeat this process until you have 10 cursors, which should be enough to get your first whole cookie per second! After that we'll mainly be focusing on grandmas and higher buildings, because the starter CPS for lower buildings really doesn't contribute much CPS wise.


Alright! you've gotten a good amount of buildings and enslaved granny to a life time of baking, whats next? Well once you get enough of a certain building (First upgrades begin at 1, 5, 15, so on...) An upgrade will appear somewhere above your building store, allowing you to purchase it how you would a building. Upgrades can upgrade CPS, Golden cookie chances, (GC) And others that can effect the game in a number of ways.

Golden cookies (GC):

Speaking of GC's, lets talk about the usage of them early game. GC's, without any upgrades, will usually spawn every 7-8 minutes. Lets talk about the fundamentals of GC's and how they can effect your Cookie career.

Effects: When you click on a GC's, it provides you with a temporary bonus or effect. The specific effect is random, and there are several possible outcomes, including:

Frenzy: This effect multiplies your cookie production rate (CPS) by a large factor (usually 7x) for a limited time, typically 77 seconds. This can be lengthened with GC related upgrades.

Lucky: You gain a significant amount of cookies, often based on your CPS or a certain percentage of your banked cookies.

Click Frenzy: Similar to Frenzy, but it multiplies the number of cookies you receive per click by a substantial factor (usually 777x) for a limited time.

Chain Cookie: When clicked, this cookie immediately spawns another Golden Cookie, allowing you to chain multiple Golden Cookie effects together.

Wrath Cookies (WC): As you progress in the game, you may also encounter Wrath Cookies. These are essentially the "dark" version of GC's and can have negative or positive effects. Clicking on them can result in various outcomes, such as cookies lost, production reductions, or beneficial bonuses.

Upgrades: You can unlock upgrades in the game's Research tree and through game play that enhance the benefits of GC's. These upgrades can increase their appearance rate, extend their duration, or provide other bonuses.

GC Click Frenzy Combos: Experienced players often try to time their click on a Golden Cookie to coincide with the Click Frenzy effect for maximum benefit. This results in an enormous number of cookies earned with a single click.

Strategy: Managing GC's effectively is crucial to progressing in Cookie Clicker. Timing and strategy are essential to make the most of the bonuses they offer. Players often strategize around GC's appearances to maximize their cookie production.

Clicking GC's is also a part of earning various in-game achievements, which can grant you heavenly chips and other rewards.

Achievements: Cookie Clicker features a wide range of achievements that serve as milestones and goals for players to strive for as they progress in the game. These achievements often come with rewards in the form of heavenly chips, which can be used to purchase heavenly upgrades. Here's a rundown of what achievements are in Cookie Clicker and how to obtain them:

Achievement Types: Achievements in Cookie Clicker are divided into several categories, including "Shadow Achievements" (hidden and often challenging to obtain), "Upgrades" (related to purchasing specific upgrades), "Cookies" (related to cookie production), and more.

Cookies Baked: Many achievements are tied to the total number of cookies you have baked throughout your playthrough. For example, you might get an achievement for baking 1 million cookies, 1 billion cookies, or even 1 sextillion cookies.

Buildings and Upgrades: You can earn achievements by reaching milestones in terms of the number of specific buildings or upgrades you've purchased. For instance, there are achievements for owning a certain number of cursors, grandmas, or other buildings.

Cookie Clicks: Some achievements are based on the number of times you've clicked on the big cookie. These can include achievements for reaching a certain number of clicks or clicking the big cookie a specific number of times within a single game.

GC's Clicks: Achievements related to GC's include clicking a certain number of GC's or achieving specific effects from GC's.

Special Events: Some achievements are tied to special in-game events, such as Halloween or Christmas-themed achievements. These events may require you to collect specific cookies or reach certain milestones during limited-time events.

Shadow Achievements: Shadow Achievements are hidden achievements that don't provide any in-game hints about how to unlock them. Players often discover these through experimentation or by exploring online forums and guides.

Seasonal Achievements: Cookie Clicker also features seasonal achievements that are related to real-world holidays and events. These achievements are typically only available for a limited time each year.

Challenge Mode Achievements: The game's challenge modes, like "One Mind," "Exotic Nuts," and "True Neverclick," have their own set of achievements that can be earned by completing these challenges under specific conditions.

To view your progress and see which achievements you've unlocked or are close to unlocking, you can click on the "Achievements" tab in the game's menu. Keep in mind that achievements are an integral part of Cookie Clicker's game play and progression, providing both goals to strive for and HC's to enhance your game play.

Ascension and heavenly chips:

How Ascension Works:

Unlocking Ascension: Ascension becomes available once you have baked a certain number of cookies in your current playthrough. (See how much by hovering over your prestige bar!)

Resetting Progress: When you choose to ascend, you will reset your game to the beginning, losing all your buildings, upgrades, and cookies in the bank. However, you will keep your achievements, heavenly chips, and permanent upgrades purchased with HC's.

Heavenly Chips (HC's): HC's are earned based on your total cookies baked in all previous playthroughs, including your current one. The more cookies you've baked, the more heavenly chips you'll receive when ascending. These chips can be spent on heavenly upgrades that provide various benefits. You'll get your first HC when you reach 1T, (One trillion) from then on the HC counter will increase. (You can see the exact numbers on the wiki)

When to Ascend:

The best time to ascend in Cookie Clicker depends on your progress and your objectives. There isn't a single "one-size-fits-all" answer, but here are some guidelines to consider:

Early Ascensions: In the early game, you may want to ascend relatively quickly to earn a few heavenly chips and unlock the first set of heavenly upgrades. This initial boost can significantly speed up your progression in subsequent playthroughs. I don't recommend this however, as getting the right amount of chips is crucial for a second run. Its better to bide your time and use GC combos to strengthen your number of HC's.

After Reaching Certain Milestones: Ascending after hitting significant milestones, such as doubling your heavenly chips or achieving specific heavenly upgrades, can be beneficial. These milestones can make your subsequent playthroughs more efficient.

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