How to acquire the Leeroy Jenkins Achievement easy

How to acquire the Leeroy Jenkins Achievement easy


First thing you should do is to BACKUP your current save. You can find it in your clicker heroes folder. Easiest thing to do is to simply save via the settings ingame and then change the save to something you remember.

You will need a few tools to get this working.

Mercenary calculator[]


...and web browser capable of running flash. I suggest using Chrome.

Configurating The Calculator

All we need to do for now is to set the number of recruits to a low number. I suggest setting it to 10.

Main Guide

Please read the important information part before proceeding with importing your save data to the client.

1. Open a Chrome in incognito. You can do this by right clicking the Chrome icon or simply use the short command CTRL+SHIFT+N

2. Now go to clickerheroes official website[]

3. Start the game by pressing Play

4. Go to the options by clicking the wrench icon

5. Click save and then close the options menu. The save is now copied to the clipboard.

6. Open the mercenary calculator with the settings we chose above

7. Paste your save data by pressing the empty field and using CTRL+V

Important Information

How to acquire the Leeroy Jenkins Achievement easy image 18

Leeroy Jenkins is highlighted with a star*

If you didn't get him, reload the clicker heroes page by pressing F5 on your keyboard. Then repeat the steps starting from step 3 and continue to do so until the mercenary with a star next to the number.

Once you have LJ as shown in the picture, it's preferable if his life is a short one. If you're not satisfied with him having a long life, simply redo the steps until his lifespan is shorter. As seen in the picture above, I got him as NR5 with less than a day to death.

Once you're satisfied with the lifespan, use that save file and paste it into your clicker heroes client via Steam, if that's what you're using. Make sure to backup this save, and please do not share it with others since everyone should do the same. It doesn't take very long and it's more honest than using somebody else's save to get the achievement instantly. At least this way, you are literally starting over with only one advantage, which is the knowledge of when you will get LJ and how long he will live.

End Word

If he is your last achievement, then I say GG and I hope you stay away from clickers for the rest of your life :P


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