Artillery Ranges in MACE



60mm Mortar (M2) - 140

81mm Mortar (M1) - 160

Light Guns

75mm Howitzer (M1) - 160

Light pack howitzer designed to be easily disassembled for movement by pack animals for movement over rough terrain; used extensively by US airborne units.

75mm Howitzer (M3) - 170

Mounted on the M8 HMC; derived from the M1 pack howitzer.

75mm Gun (M1897) - 190

French Canon de 75 modèle 1897 field gun in US service; mounted on the M3 half track to form the M3 GMC.

Medium Guns

105mm Howitzer (M3) - 170

105mm Howitzer (M2A1) - 395

Heavy Guns

155mm Howitzer (M1918 M1) - 510

Great War vintage US copy of the French Canon de 155mm Grande Puissance Filloux; mated to the chassis of an M3 medium tank to form the M12 GMC.

155mm Howitzer (M1A1) - 530

"Long Tom"

203mm Howitzer (M1) - 705

Range is a bug from prior versions; will apparently be nerfed.


114mm Rocket (M8) - 300/355

32 Inch Mortar (Little David) - 320

Ordnance test equipment; does not rotate, as it is fixed to a concrete pivot that only allows it to elevate and depress. Explosion from the round landing seems bugged, as the explosion did not appear in testing, though units and terrain were still destroyed.



82mm Mortar - 160

120mm Mortar - 230

Light Guns

76mm ISG (M1927) - 160

76mm ISG (OB-25) - 160

76mm Recoilless (BPK-76) - 170

76mm gun (M1902) - 180

Medium Guns

107mm gun (M1910/30) - 420

122mm (M1910/30) - 330

122mm (M30) - 365

122mm (A-19) - 465

Heavy Guns

152mm Howitzer (ML-20) - 430

152mm Howitzer (BR-2) - 520

203mm Howitzer (BM-4) - 440

203mm Howitzer (B-4) - 440

280mm Howitzer (BR-5) - 315


Incendiary Launcher (Ampulomet) - 110

Not technically artillery, but I'm including it here as it functions a bit like a quasi ISG; despite being designed explicitly for anti-tank work, it's low velocity and limited range limit it's efficacy in that role. It is, however, highly capable of setting fortifications alight.

132mm Rocket (BM-13) - 300/325



50mm Mortar (Krh/38)- 140

81mm Mortar (Krh/36) - 160

100mm Mortar (NbW/35) - 180

German 10cm Mortar in Finnish Service

120mm Mortar (Krh/40)- 230

This is apparently the ancestor of the modern M120, the current US 120mm mortar

17cm Mortar - 140

German mortar developed after the Russo-Japanese war of 1905 demonstrated the need for a mortar that could be used to remove enemy fortifications. It would be extensively produced during the Great War. Some examples have apparently been pressed into Finnish service.

Light Guns

75mm Gun (PstK/97-38) - 180

French Canon de 75 modèle 1897 field gun captured by the germans, slapped on a Pak 38 carriage, and now in Finnish service; only fires HE and HEAT ammo

76mm ISG (RK/27) - 160

this is the Soviet M1927 in Finnish service

76mm Gun (K/02) - 180

Russian M1902 76mm gun in Finnish service.

76mm Gun (K/02-30/40) - 190

84mm Gun (K/18) - 210

This is the British Great War vintage QF 18lber in Finnish service; Late version gets access to HEAT rounds.

Medium Guns

105mm Gun (K/13) - 370

105mm Howitzer (H/33) - 370

105mm Gun (K/34) - 420

Swedish 105 import.

107mm Gun (K/10) - 380

114mm Howitzer (PsvH/18) - 180

British Great War vintage 4.5 Inch Howitzer in Finnish service; main gun for the BT-42

120mm Howitzer (K/78/31) - 370

French 120mm gun from 1878 used by the French to make up for shortages of more modern pieces during the great war. Following the end of that war, about 54 were donated to Poland, who then mounted about 4 dozen of them them on Russian M1910 152mm howitzer carriages to create modern 120mm howitzers - in much the same manner that the French had mounted 155mm tubes on Russian M1910 carriages during the Great War. Following the German invasion of Poland in '39, some 2 dozen were sold to Finland, who were also using the un-modernized 1878 120mm guns, and thus could use the same ammo.

122mm Howitzer (H/10-30) - 330

Heavy Guns

15cm Howitzer (H/40) - 385

German SFH/18 in Finnish service

155mm Howitzer (H/17) - 360

203mm Howitzer (H/17) - 340

21cm Howitzer (Morser 16) - 410


150mm Rocket (Rkh/41) - 300/310

German 15cm NbW in Finnish service.

21cm Rocket (Nbw 42) - 300/320

German 21cm NbW in Finnish service.

30cm Rocket (W 40) - 280

German 30cm Wurfrahmen 30 in Finnish service.



8cm Mortar - 160

10cm Mortar - 180

12cm Mortar - 230

20cm Spigot Mortar - 160

Light Guns

7.5cm ISG (leIG 18) - 160

7.5cm Mountain Gun (LeGeBiIG) - 160

7.5cm Recoilless (LG 40) - 160

75mm Gun (PstK/97-38) - 180

French Canon de 75 modèle 1897 field gun captured by the germans and slapped on a Pak 38 carriage; only fires HE and HEAT ammo

Medium Guns

10.5cm Howitzer (LeFH 18) - 355

10cm gun (SK 18) - 450

Heavy Guns

15cm ISG (SIG 33) - 170

15cm Howitzer (SIG 33/2) - 270

Found on the Grille, mount seems to allow for greater elevation

15cm Howitzer (SFH 18) - 385

17cm gun (K18) - 520

21cm gun (Morser 18) - 425


15cm Rocket (NbW41) - 300/310

30cm Rocket (NbW42) - 280

30cm Rocket (W40) - 290

38cm Rocket (Sturmmorser) - 170

60cm Siege Mortar (Gerat No. 3) - 275


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