WZ: A Guide to Completing the Champion's Quest

General Information

The Champion's Quest is a special contract in Call of Duty: Warzone's Battle Royale mode. It debuted on Al Mazrah, expanded to Vondel with the Season Five update of Modern Warfare II, and finally arrived on Urzikstan with the Season One Reloaded update of Modern Warfare III.

To complete the contract, you need to find and acquire three nuclear cores, each containing a radioactive element with negative effects upon pickup. Any player in your squad can collect the cores, but they won't appear immediately; you'll need to wait around 18 seconds for each core's location to be marked.

Once all three cores are acquired, a nuclear bomb case will be dropped by a cargo plane at a random location. Players then have 5 minutes to insert the cores into the case and arm it, which takes about 10 seconds. Once armed, the bomb site will be marked for every player, and a 2-minute countdown will begin.

The players who armed the bomb must defend it from enemies attempting to defuse it, a process that takes around 15 seconds and will cancel the Champion's Quest if successful.

If the countdown completes successfully or all enemy players are eliminated, the nuclear bomb will detonate, followed by "Champion's Domination" appearing on the screen. A cinematic of the explosion will play, showing the names of the players who assembled the nuke, with the title "Warzone Champions."

Unlocking The Contract

Once you win five consecutive games or a total of 30 games, the next match will feature three contracts around the map to choose from. Instead of a phone, the Champion's Quest contract takes the form of a yellow protective case. The quest will be initiated once you take a contract, and you'll have a different set of minutes to complete it, depending on the map.

Al Mazrah: 27 Minutes

Urzikstan: 20 Minutes

Rebirth Island: 9 Minutes

Assess The Lobby

First, assess the lobby you're about to drop the nuke in. You can gauge the skill of the lobby by inspecting the "report player" list before the match starts, checking the menus in-game, or having your teammate intentionally die to view their calling cards. Look out for:

Nuke Emblems

Ranked Emblems

Warzone World Series calling cards

Top 250 Calling cards

Your goal is to identify any potentially threatening teams in the lobby. Find a lobby without strong teams, and you'll be good to go.

Additional note: If you see all level 1 and bronze rank players, you'll need to restart your game as this is a bug.

Al Mazrah & Urzikstan Cores

Beryllium: The carrier will be marked for every other player, similar to an Advanced UAV.

Plutonium: The carrier and nearby players will receive damage over time and their vision will be slightly distorted.

Tritium: The carrier's minimap will be scrambled, and all vehicles will be disabled.

Vondel Cores

Gallium: The carrier and their squad will be highlighted, similar to a Snapshot Grenade.

Deuterium: The carrier will experience fatigue and cough when sprinting.

Neptunium: The carrier and any players around them will randomly receive shocks, similar to a Shock Stick, and vehicles will malfunction.


One or two players grab helicopters to quickly locate the geiger counter and reach the beryllium element.

Meanwhile, one or two players take LTVs to collect hidden caches. These caches are highly valuable, usually containing between 3,000 to 7,000 in cash and dropping some of the best items in the game. Using caches is much quicker than looting houses and allows your team to get set up swiftly.

It's important to have a predetermined route to ensure an optimal pace. If you're unsure of where these hidden caches are located, you can visit https://warzonetacmap.online/.

You should be able to comfortably hit 6-7 caches within 1.5 minutes before attempting the nuke quest.

Chosing The Contract

When choosing a contract, it's generally best to select ones that are inside the zone and not typically in hot areas. You don't have to grab it immediately; use the initial time to ensure all players on your team have a good start before attempting it.

You have approximately 1 minute and 45 seconds from the start of the first circle closing to pick it up. This should provide enough time to assess the lobby and ensure everyone is ready to go. To practice this, aim for you and your team to always be fully looted and prepared within that timeframe, regardless of whether you have the contract or not. This will make it easier once you actually do have it.

How To Play Beryllium Element

When picking up Beryllium, the chest rewards you with between 15,000 and 20,000. Use this to purchase an Advanced UAV for critical information. Send your Beryllium carrier to the most remote location, far away from other players. This strategy helps avoid unnecessary fights that can waste time. Unsuccessful attempts might require extra time to recover.

How To Play Tritium Element

Tritium will spawn in a vault that you must defend for one minute. It will shoot a flare from its location. The speed of progress will not increase no matter how many teammates are close to it. Once you've grabbed Tritium, you can no longer use vehicles or be a passenger in them. To navigate effectively, use ziplines and redeploy drones to rotate.

How To Play Plutonium Element

Plutonium spawns in a helicopter, usually near a popular area. Initially, shoot it to get its attention and then lure it to a more secluded spot. The helicopter can withstand around 300 bullets before it goes down. If left unharmed for a period, it will regenerate health, so ensure at least two people are consistently engaging it. Once shot down, it drops a nuclear crate that is visible to all players in the lobby. Open the crate to remove its icon, then retrieve the plutonium when ready.

Picking up plutonium starts the countdown for the bombsite to spawn.


Ideally, you want to have all elements in your possession by the time the bombsite starts its countdown. Once the last element is acquired, you'll have one minute to determine where the bombsite will land. Aim to be the first team to reach the bombsite as early plants are usually guaranteed nukes.

After the bombsite lands, you'll have 5 minutes to plant. Even if you start planting with just 1 second left, it still counts.

The first time someone attempts to defuse your nuke, you'll receive an audio notification, but subsequent attempts won't alert you. If there's a lot of utility being used, it can sometimes override the defuse audio. Additionally, if there's a buy station nearby, consider purchasing mortars to control the airspace and prevent others from retaking the position to defuse your bomb.

Trophy systems are also effective, as most players will attempt to smoke the nuke and then defuse it.

Lastly, defusing takes 10 seconds, so if there's only 9 seconds left on the timer, you don't need to take any action; simply wait it out. If all of your team members die, the bomb can still detonate, and you'll still achieve victory and receive all rewards.

Rebirth Island's Champion Quest

Beryllium: The carrier will be marked for every other player, similar to an Advanced UAV.

Neptunium: The carrier and any player around them will randomly receive shocks, similar to a Shock Stick, causing vehicles to malfunction.

Tritium: The carrier's minimap will be scrambled, and all vehicles will be disabled.

Instead of manually tracking down the elements, players and their squad must wait for the elements and the nuke itself to drop, pick them up, and hold them until the timer for the next element starts. This process must be repeated for the remaining two elements as well as the nuke.

Once the first element is picked up, a fire sale will always start when the third circle begins.

The timer can be reduced by performing various actions:

- Opening loot boxes (reduced by 2 to 3 seconds)

- Buying items from Buy Stations

- Eliminating enemies (reduced by 5 to 20 seconds)

- Interrogating enemies (reduced by 10 to 11 seconds)

- Performing a Finishing Move

- Completing the Rebirth Island easter egg (each step reduces the timer by 29 seconds)

However, the timer will increase if certain events occur:

- The player or their teammate dies (timer increases by 30 seconds)

- The person holding the element(s) dies (timer increases by 40 seconds)

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