about ranked avatars

about ranked avatars

Ranked Avatars

Ranked Avatars

Rating avatars are assigned at the end of each rating season to those who have played at least 10 rating matches in this season.

The rating of the avatar(s) that a player receives depends on his highest Elo in the season (between ranks 1 on 1 and 2 on 2). For example, a player who finishes the season with a Platinum rating will receive a participant's avatar, a Gold Avatar and a Platinum Avatar. If a player reaches Platinum status but drops to Gold in the same season, he will still receive a Platinum Avatar.

Ranked avatars also have levels; for each season, a player participating in their avatar will be promoted to a higher-level avatar depending on his highest Elo of the season. Example of this: If a player plays for two seasons and reaches platinum rank in the first season, but gold rank in the second season, he will have a Level 2 participation avatar, a Level 2 Gold Avatar, and a level 1 platinum avatar.

Each ranked avatar caps out after 5 tiers, and upon completion of another season after these 5 tiers a separate avatar is awarded to the player. To further explain this, if a player participates in 11 ranked seasons they should have (at the very least) 3 different participation avatars: one for tier 5, one for tier 10, and one for tier 11.

Types Of Ranked Avatars

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Valhallan Rank Unlike other ranks, reaching Valhallan rank immediately grants the Valhallan Emblem avatar.

This avatar has two states, an "active" and "inactive" one. While in Valhallan rank, the avatar will stay as the Valhallan Emblem. However once the player drops out of Valhallan rank, it will downgrade to the Valhallan Emblem Fallen avatar.

Valhallan Emblem

Valhallan Emblem Fallen

Standard Ranks Ranked Avatars are upgraded at the end of each Ranked season for eligible players.

After an Avatar is upgraded 5 times, the player will be granted a new Avatar that can be upgraded 5 times, and so on.


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