Most powerful tower!

VTSG Guide!

The Vengeful True Sun God (VTSG) is the evolution of True Sun God. The Vengeful True Sun God is the tower with the highest DPS (damage per second)

To create the VTSG the monkey knowledge "There Can Only Be One" And upgrading a "Sun Temple" with $50.000+ worth of sacrifices in three out of the four classas, so you need to sacrifice primary, military and support.

True Sun God then needs to be upgraded $50.000+ worth of sacrifices on all four classes with towers INSIDE it's range, and "The Anti-Bloon" and "Legend of the Night" OUTSIDE it's range.

There is a secret upgrade to VTSG with a level 20 Adora placed INSIDE The Sun Temples range as it is upgraded.

VTSG cannot be created in Chimps or in sandbox...

Hope this guide was helpful please feel free to ask questions in the comment <3


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