Awakened World Bosses

Awakened World Bosses


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Prepare yourself to face off against the ravaging bosses with their rage at its peak!

These much more powerful bosses appear randomly instead of their normal version. Be prepared for a real challenge! Precious loot awaits for those who can defeat those murderous bosses!


• As world boss spawns in Danger Zones, you may receive death penalty for being killed by world bosses.

Nightmarish Kzarka

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Kzarka, bereft of his soul by Illezra who brought the Three Days of Darkness upon Mediah, has begun to consume the adventurers who stand in the way of his Ritual of Resurrection. On the days his rage reaches its peak, he plunges into rage as "Nightmarish Kzarka" and darkness shrouds the skies of Serendia. During the appearance of Nightmarish Kzarka, a greater darkness shrouds Serendia. The Lord of Serendia is looking for powerful adventurers who can vanquish this darkness.

Nightmarish Kzarka is much more powerful than the regular Kzarka but he will drop more valuable loot. You can obtain up to TET (IV) Kzarka Main Weapon (+0, I, II, III, IV) and also have an increased chance of getting Belongings of an Adventurer, Gold Bar (up to 1,000G), and each type of Magical Black Stones.

Adventurers who can land the final blow to Nightmarish Kzarka will obtain the title "Devourer of the Long Nightmare".

Developer Note:

Known to many by the title "KeeezAaannng!", the World Boss Kzarka will now occasionally appear in a new form. The newly created Nightmarish Kzarka comes back with a force to reclaim its fame as being the first World Boss of Black Desert. The renewal of a World Boss was quite a challenge to us as adventurers had been asking about it for quite some time now. We didn't want to radically change things by shooting up the difficulty levels so we decided to make Nightmarish Kzarka appear by chance and retained some of the experience with the Kzarka we are familiar with. (We have plans to renew other World Bosses as well but we might approach it differently from how we've handled Kzarka. Ex) Boss appearing only during the evening, or only appearing when a group of adventurers join forces together.) Nightmarish Kzarka will drop better loot compared to the regular Kzarka. But beware, as Nightmarish Kzarka is much more challenging than its previous form.

▲ (Left) Nightmarish Kzarka appears as it deals AoE damage / (Right) Kzarka opening up a series of attacks and AoE damage as a pattern

▲ (Left) Roaring, and attacking with black breath / (Right) An attack pattern in which nearby targets are pulled and dealt with a powerful blow

▲ (Left) Tentacle Summoning attack patterns (You will receive a movement speed/attack speed debuff upon hit) / (Right) A beserk pattern that brings down chaos

※ Images were taken using a GM character which is invincible to attacks.

Bloodstorm Nouver

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Nouver the Sand Tyrant will occasionally be stained by the blood of victims that died in the desert sandstorms. The tyrant is rumored to appear even more vicious than before. It is called "Bloodstorm Nouver" and is greatly feared by desert travellers, merchants, and even the military.

Bloodstorm Nouver is even more powerful than the pre-existing Nouver. It blows whirlwinds at distant Adventurers and attacks from beneath the desert sands. He will drop more valuable loot.Adventurers will be able to get up to IV Nouver Sub-weapons (possible enhancements: +0, I, II, III, IV). It also has increased drop rates for Belongings of an Adventurer, Gold Bars (up to 1,000G), and each type of Magical Black Stones.

Adventurers who can land the final blow to Bloodstorm Nouver will obtain the title "Quelled the Heavy Bloodstorm".

Developer note:

Last time when we released Nightmarish Kzarka, we were worried about our adventurers' response as it was significantly harder. To our surprise, it received a lot of positive feedback from the community. Adventurers were pleased to see that we finally have a great world boss. Of course, the loots that dropped also helped in this.

We are now glad to announce to you the release of an even more powerful Nouver: the "Bloodstorm Nouver." This world boss demands quick decisions to be made with a variety of attack patterns and attacks with sharper claws and teeth. We hope it will be an exciting experience for our adventurers. We are currently working on Karanda and Kutum as well. We hope to hear a lot of suggestions and feedback for our world bosses.

▲ Appears with a powerful storm (Left) / Fires two fire breathes right after each other (Right)

▲ Creates a phantom using the sandstorm (Left) / Cries out and summons a huge whirlwind (Right)

▲ 3 stage attack from the air (Left) / Slams down on the ground to bring utter destruction in the area (Right)

※ These images were taken using a GM character that does not receive damage to take better pictures.

Stormbringer Karanda

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For a long time, Calpheon's Delphe Knights have been battling the harpies on the Karanda Ridge to take Balenos Mountains into Calpheonian territory. Delphe Knights were on the verge of reclaiming the ridge but the harpies made a last attempt to fight back by electing a new harpy queen of unprecedented strength. The newly crowned queen, using her fierce winds and piercing feather attacks, almost annihilated the Delphe Knights with her devastating powers. Delphe Knight's Commander-in-Chief Brego Williar has dubbed the new queen as "Stormbringer Karanda" and elevated alert levels along the ridge frontline.

Stormbringer Karanda can rain a series of piercing feather attacks and push back adventurers with even more powerful wind.

Stormbringer Karanda can also summon more harpies to her side to attack and threaten adventurers.

Stormbringer Karanda is much more powerful than the regular Karanda but she will drop more valuable loot. You can obtain up to TET (IV) Dandelion Weapon (+0, I, II, III, IV) and also have an increased chance of getting Belongings of an Adventurer, Gold Bar (up to 1,000G), and each type of Magical Black Stones.

Adventurers who can land the final blow to Stormbringer Karanda will obtain the title "Calmed the Storm".

Stormbringer Karanda also drops Heart of Karanda

There is a certain chance to obtain Heart of Karanda when defeating Stormbringer Karanda.

Awakening weapons made from Heart of Karanda have been named "Storm Devoured."

Storm Devoured awakening weapons have one crystal slot and Critical Hit Damage +3% effect.

Developer Note:

"Stormbringer Karanda," first shown in Black Desert Global Labs, has been updated into the live servers. Nightmarish/Bloodstorm bosses had their stunningly fieresome looks and powerful attacks but Stormbringer Karanda is slightly different in that it is based on Karanda's original patterns. So if you're familiar with the original Karanda, it should be relatively easier to deal with than Bloodstorm Nouver. But to make things more interesting, we've added the rare loot "Heart of Karanda" so we hope adventurers have a lot of fun!

▲ Stormbringer Karanda Arrival (Left) / Enhanced Feather Attacks (Right)

▲ Attacks that summon powerful gusts of wind from the rear (Left) / Boss patterns that can afflict devastating random damages by summoning countless harpies (Right)

▲ Boss pattern that pushes back anything within the vicinity of Karanda along with a sweeping attack on the outer line (Left) / Calls upon a powerful storm using the power of harpies (Right)

※ These images were taken using a GM character that does not receive damage to take better pictures.

Thundercloud Kutum

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Recently, archaeologists have uncovered a secret room in the Scarlet Sand Chamber that contains the immaculately preserved traces of the Ancients. Kutum, however, was overcome by the unknown energies that seeped out from this secret room, quickly turning the once guardian of the chamber into its destroyer. Having witnessed its never-before-seen destructive power, the archaeologist Desalam christened this new form as 'Thundercloud Kutum,' and has suggested restricting entry to the Scarlet Sand Chamber.

Thundercloud Kutum will electrocute and slowly kill any Adventurer who enters the stone chambers. In this form, Kutum radiates powerful energies in a much wider range than its original form.

Thundercloud Kutum can also awaken Ancient Weapons that lay in slumber around the stone chambers to come to its aid, and will also unleash unblockable energy storms to inflict critical damage. Dev Note:

Thundercloud Kutum is the most difficult World Boss of the three bosses we've revamped so far. Compared to Bloodstorm Nouver, which has kept many Adventurers on their toes, Thundercloud Kutum's attack patterns and movements are a bit easier to learn. It is the requirement for group coordination and effort that makes it a more difficult fight. However, taking down this behemoth will grant some special loot, so we look forward to seeing many Adventurers take on this new challenge together.

The Scarlet Sand Chamber excavation party has widened the entrance to the interior chambers for the sake of researching the relics within.

The Adventurer who deals the final blow to Thundercloud Kutum will earn a unique Title.

When Thundercloud Kutum appears, an ancient device will activate in the stone chamber.

Each room in the stone chamber has a different function, which are as follows:

Each room in the stone chamber has a different function, which are as follows:

Rooms that Cleanse Kutum's Clouds

- Thundercloud Kutum will periodically blast two different types of powerful clouds onto Adventurers.

- Adventurers must head to the appropriate location in the stone chamber to remove these clouds.

- Also, if there are three or more Adventurers in the stone chamber who have each successfully diffused the clouds, a relic will activate and imbue them with a mighty power.

- However, if an Adventurer heads into the wrong stone chamber for their cloud, the relic will react by covering said Adventurer with a death-inducing cloud.

▲ To cleanse oneself of Kutum's clouds, you must enter the room with the same color as your cloud.

Room that Weakens Kutum

- Once Kutum reaches a certain amount of health, it will summon Ancient Weapons to protect itself, and begin to draw energy from beneath the grounds of the stone chamber.

- Defeat the summoned Ancient Weapons to have a chance to obtain the 'Clouded Shard,' which you can place inside the 'Eye of the Ancients' to activate a relic in the largest room of the stone chamber.

- Successfully activating the relic will weaken Kutum, making it unable to move for a certain period of time.

- However, if the Ancient Weapons aren't quickly dealt with and the relic is not activated within a certain period of time, Kutum will become more powerful and begin to unleash stronger attacks.

▲ An Ancient Weapon summoned by Kutum to protect itself after losing a certain amount of HP.

▲The relic activated by obtaining the 'Clouded Shard' from defeated Ancient Weapons and placing the shard within the 'Eye of the Ancients.'

Added 'Kutum's Power Stone,' a new item from defeating Thundercloud Kutum.

- You can equip Kutum's Power Stone in the Alchemy Stone slot.

- Using Kutum's Power Stone will unleash the concentrated energy of Kutum as area of effect damage.

- Once its durability reaches 0, you can no longer use Kutum's Power Stone.

▲ Using Kutum's Power Stone

▲ Thundercloud Kutum appears (Left) / Kutum raining down multiple thunderbolts in its vicinity (Right)

▲ Kutum attacking with electrical storms (Left) / Kutum attacking by rising from the ground (Right)

▲ Kutum summoning Ancient Weapons (Left) / Kutum summoning an electric orb that moves randomly (Right)

▲ Kutum sucking in all things in its vicinity (Left) / Kutum dealing a frontal swipe attack, and then attacking the opposite direction. (Right)


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