Creature of the Night [Locations]

Creature of the Night [Locations]


Welcome to the Creature of the Night walkthrough guide. This side quest is given seemingly at random on Miagani Island. You do not have to have the bridge-way unlocked but must be far enough into the main story line to allow you onto the island.

As you grapple around Miagani Island, at some point the game will progress into a cutscene where the creature will pop-out and startle batman. The quest will become initialized for you to continue.

For this guide, I will be provide an image of the map areas where you will roughly find Man Bat. This guide will be split into the main quest pieces.

The Blood Sample

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Once Man Bat as popped-out and the quest has been initialized, Batman will explain that he needs a blood sample from the creature to determine what or who the creature is. You will find the creature soring around a rough area as shown:

If you turn on detective mode, you will be able to see the red-highlighted creature. To obtain the blood sample, you simply need to come down on the creature from above. This will lead into a cutscene of sorts with Batman gaining the sample.

DNA Integrity

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From here, the game will lead you to the next way point in China Town on Bleake Island. Once in the laboratory, a video plays on a screen overviewing what happened, creating the creature.

Turn on detective mode and you'll notice a yellow-highlighted keyboard.

At this point, Batman is trying to sequence a clean set of DNA to use as an antidote for the creature. Taking a look at the screen below:

There are two sets of DNA strands. Each proceeds downward where it bottles into a boxed area. The idea here, is the "clean" (white) strand-areas are being detached and re-sequenced together. For this part, each box is moved independently. You must move these boxes back and forth to allow only clean/white parts of the DNA to reform past the bottleneck. Once you've achieved 100% Integrity Batman will retrieve the sample.

Anecdotal Application

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Now it's time to find Man Bat all over again. Except this time, he's not too far from your current China Town point on Bleake Island.

Once again, the creature will be flying around and you can more easily spot it in detective mode around this area. You will have to come down ontop of it again to initiate the next cutscene piece to initiate the antidote.

Batman will mention he wasnt able to give the creature enough in one shot and will need to track the creature down one last time. At this point it's time to hop over to Founders' Island, as shown on the map:

Proceed as before...

You will then drive Man Bat to GCPD. The game will give you directions on where to go. Upon returning Man Bat will be placed in an isolation chamber as part of a cutscene and side quest will be complete.


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