Assetto Corsa Competiozione Logitech FFB Gide

Logitech Profiler

Overall: 110

Spring: 0

Damper: 0

Centering Spring: off

Centering Spring Strength: 0

Use Special Settings: On

Combined Pedals: off

Degrees of Rotation: 900

Use Game Settings: On

Allow Game Ajust: On

This settings are configured following recommendations found in the forum regarding how the game handle FFB effects; for Logitech G2X does not use the Spring and Damper Channel so better to live them at zero to reduce possible noise in those FFB channels.

LUT Tables:

At update v1.0.2 Force Feedback Post-Processing was enabled using LUT tables; so I create and configure my lut configuration using this guide for Asseto Corsa (, and the created a LUT file with the defined settings in the logitech profiler; copied that file and theff_post_process.ini file to the folder "Documents/Assetto Corsa Competizione/Config" (ff_post_process.ini and myLUT.lut). If the settings in the profiler are changed, a new lut table must be generated.

Minimum Dynamic Damping:

Modified the configuration file controls.json in the folder "Documents/Assetto Corsa Competizione/Config" and search for the setting minDamper and set it at 0.1

"minDamper": 0.10000000149011612,

This setting was set given that Dynamic Damping in ACC is an actual force (search the forum), and it should be present at any given moment, at any given speed; knowing the dreadful FFB death zone in my wheel; I set it at 10% minimum to be able to feel a very subtle resistance in the wheel when cornering.

Games FFB Setting:

Finally, in game FFB setting been used are:

Gain: 100%

Minimum Force: 10%

Dynamic Damping: 100%

Road Effects: 10%

Frequency 111Hz

Setting up a LUT table guaranties that using Gain at 100% would not clip any FFB, Minimun force at 10% to be able to feel anything, road effect at 10% only for fun (not an actual FFB force) and Frequency at 111Hz because all logitech G2X are low end and mine particularly old.


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