Wartales, Get rich or die trying $

Wartales, Get rich or die trying $

Wartales, Solving The Money Problem

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We might have elite warriors, carefully selected skills, legendary weapons but at the end of the day we need money to survive in this game

Cooking ingredients: 70-80 golds

Resting in a tavern: 150 golds

Salary: 150- 200 golds

Armor and weapon at traders: 200 golds

Skill books: 300 golds

Redistribute the skills: 500 golds

Upgrading legendary weapons: 800-1200 golds

You know the bills, life is not cheap in Wartales.

Job rewards around 150-200 golds and you lose some money for salary and eating during the mission. You can capture and sell criminals to jail around 75-80 golds, but maximum 3 in a day. You also have to feed the criminal bastards, otherwise they escape.

So it is too much work and sweat for a honest life. The solution is thievery as in every strict economy.

There are 5 "skill mastery books" in training camps and 10 in arenas.

Every region has a Brotherhood Training Ground. Go and steal 5 "skill mastery" books with your thief. Your suspicion level goes around 600. Put the books in your camp chest and assign the thief to launder stolen items. Stay away from roads and towns for a while.

You will see the "stolen items laundered" message after a few rest.

Sell the "clean" books to the training camp. You got 750 golds for 5 books. Your suspicion level is still 600 but you don't have any stolen items on you.

Go and find some guards and pay for your crimes around 20 - 100 golds.

Suspicion level is reset now and you are innocent as a newborn baby. Go back to the Brotherhood Training Ground and now there are 10 books to steal :)

Well, if you don't want to spend time to launder the books. There is always Black Market ready to buy stolen items.

A "Black Market Agent" appears when you clear a bandit lair. You can sell stolen books for 82 golds instead of 150. Then you can pay for you crimes and come back to steal again. You can steal, sell and pay your crimes without resting (not rhetorically) over and over again.

Like the famous Dire Straits song, " ♫ money for nothing, books for free ♫ " :)

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