Ogryn 101 - How to Unga Bunga for Emprah!

Ogryn 101 - How to Unga Bunga for Emprah!

Basic Stuff...

So you landed your big chonk ass as a convict, pressed into Inquisitorial service? Congratulation! You are on a free pass to glory in service of the mighty Emprah and his ‘Perium. As an Ogryn, your big bod and mighty intellect will prove invaluable to the teams of rejects on their duty of cleaning up Tertium from the heretic scum. This guide is written by a dedicated, 24/7 Ogryn player – 70h on the clock in the Pre-Order beta, multiple Damnation runs cleared, Heresy being the default diff to roll with – Not a flex, just some credentials so y’all know this comes from experience. So let’s roll and give you some Ogryn Wisdom!

"Da Sergeant Major asked me what my job was an' I said it was to, uh, do what I was told. He said I was a genius and gave me another medal. I likes da Imperial Guard!"

— Nork Deddog, Ogryn Bodyguard

You’re the Team Lynchpin. No, it doesn’t mean you’re the hard carry. It doesn’t mean you’re the big Rambo killing machine, the king of sweepers. It means, however, that you are very much the teams pillar of survivability – not only because you have the fattest healthpool and in-built benefits for improved defenses, but your Talents are well made to further empowering your endurance and ability to aid team in their own defenses.

This does NOT mean you’re a Tank in the Classic sense of things. This game, like the predecessors, don’t really use the ancient formula of DPS-Tank-Healer. Everyone can do good damage, everyone can tackle hordes, everyone can be of aid to the team either via Crowd Control, Elite Focused elimination or Specialist cleaning. However you’re the closed to the support tank due to both your talents and the unique trait of not being interrupted while aiding your teammates when they are down.

Enable others to do their job – you’re a big fella, so take that into consideration. I know, it feels great to charge into a group of goons and smack’em around, or go mano-a-mano with a heretical Ogryn to bash’em good, but while your ability to deal damage is quite potent, you have teammates with better potential for quick sweeps. Let that Bolter Totting veteran delete a Crusher for ya. Enable the Zealot to unleash their fury on a Monstrocity. In short – don’t go in the way, but MAKE way for them. When your Vet use their Focus Fire, keep the trash mobs off his back, so he gets maximum use out of it. When your Zealot is trashing an Elite/Boss, focus on hunting disabler / clearing hordes for him. It’s a Team Game, and you are the prime toolbox class that can ‘pick up the slack’ for any part that is needed during the game flow.

You see Ammo? Check first the Ammo status of your teammates. Frankly, this should be a hint for every player, but you have indicators for a reason. Maybe your mates need it more. Maybe you wouldn’t get wiped on next horde if your Bolter buddy had his bolts… Be considerate about it – you have good guns, but if you’re really not starved for ammo, share!

You don’t have to meta-chase. It can be confusing, but remember, the game is young, not full even yet, and it is easy to get confused about What’s Good, What’s Bad. You will find posts claiming Ogryns cannot play high diffs without Shield or that they suck altogether. And the opposite as well. Just play what feels good – I assure you: ALL of the ‘Gryn guns and melee weapons have their use.

How To Ogryn?

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Don’t waste your Bull Rush! The talent exist for a few extremely important game moments, and having it on cooldown when you need it most might be quite detrimental:

a. Unlocking the path – sometimes you, your team in total or your stranded teammate might get locked into position, surrounded by mobs. Using your charge to make a straight, passable line for them to escape and rejoin coherence is perfectly valid, but act quick; The mobs can close up the gap rapidly.

b. Disabling Disablers – a rarer situation, but sometimes a necessity; In a tough spot? Someone is down / netted, everyone is low, and AI Director cruelly sent a whole bunch of specialists and elites to finish your team off? Sometimes lunching a charge to topple a specialist that was abound to end your team career is a must.

c. Engage Ranged Elites before they Go Bananas – Another thing a charge is good for, is forcing enemy ranged mobs into melee. It’s especially useful, if the throng has a couple of Gunner / Shotgunner elites to engage them before they start unleashing their volleys. Be EXTREMELY wary of positioning when doing this, however – those mobs tend to NOT walk in big coherent mass like hordes, but be separated in multiple pockets, so if you charge it, be sure you do so in a safe way – not under the muzzles of a second/third ranged mob to mow your down.

d. Stun Plague Ogryns! – This one is big. Your charge stuns them, big time. Better yet, if you charge then when they charge, you can interrupt them, stop them in place and stun them for ever longer. You can also easily stand in front of one and use backstep dodges to avoid their combo when hitting heavy smacks on their faces. You’re well placed to be their focus.

e. Save Teammates from Slug’s Belly! – Another big one. If Beast of Nurgle Swallows your mate, you can and SHOULD charge them; This forces the beast to puke your mate out, saving your team the chase after the retreating slug but also sparing your eaten team-mate to have their health corrupted to oblivion.

Use Cover, surf the walls! A general hint as well, but even more important for the Ogryn, as you are a big, big boy! I know and hear the general complain – you’re too big for most cover to reliably work, but trust me – that is not the case. Especially with walls. You should always try to hug a wall with your butt anyway to minimize the chance of it being bitten off. It means you can focus more on your sides and front. Use columns and pillar to break line of sight from ranged mobs and aim to suppress them – you are VERY good at suppression, but we will talk about it when discussing our gun selection.

Stay behind. Yeah. I know. Crazy, right? But imagine this. You are taller by far than everyone else – means, that others standing in front of you do not obscure your line of sight and you can shoot over their heads no problem. You also can revive without being interrupted. Your talents are kited out for additional endurance. You ARE the one who can keep your team alive as long as you’re not disabled, so being a bit on the rearguard until you NEED to spring forward to perform some necessary action is a smart way to go, and your Vets are going to thank you for it.

But Sah, What Is My Role!?

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That’s a toughie. As I mentioned before, this game doesn’t use the clear cut triangle of roles that you might be so hard-coded to use. You can be many things, depending on your loadout – both in weapons as in talents. However it doesn’t erase the classes unique aptitudes, and Ogryn is the best disruptor/support.

Disruptor, because you have an easy time handling hordes – you can topple them either with power explosive weapons, cut them down with Knives, Ripper Gun or Stubber and can’t be lock down by them due to having your Bull Rush. You can topple and suppress large groups of mobs with your long range grenade launcher or pepper specialist with ranged damage from your rapid fire weaponry. You can use your mace to swipe clean hordes side to side or stunlock an elite into pretty much permanent stagger. You can slam a shield down and become a completely immoveable object to soak enormous amount of damage. You can do those things that others might struggle, due to innate access to huge, ongoing damage reductions and ‘free out of jail’ card in form of your Ability.

Support, because you have access to trait and talents that make you a big boon to your team survivability. You have two talents that double the replenishment rate of Toughness for your entire team. You might think it’s not big, but it absolutely is, and keep your team alive for much longer. You have a talent that give them a juicy speed boost when you charge, helping them get out of entrapment or reaching a critical spot – the speed boost is enough to outrun the hordes, by the way. You also of course revive and aid with not interruptions, but wait, there is more! As an ogryn you also CARRY things with no speed penalty. So carrying the power cells is a task you should be doing, since it speed the process up significantly.

In general, your purpose is to make sure your teammates are alive and not overwhelmed by everything so they can shine in their roles and in return help you stay alive by nuking elites, melting monsters or popping heads of ranged thugs so you don’t have to tip-toe around them.

Me Trusty Bonk-Stick!

Currently there isn’t a big choice of Melee weapons for the ole ‘Gryn. Where there might be a dew models of the big Knife, they mostly differ in the attack patterns rather than general role, so I’ll be focusing on the types instead:

Knives – High damage to softer targets, good swipes, fast handling. Knives are a very solid universal choice if you want to kill unarmored minions faster. It has excellent handling, being able to attack with very good speed and surprisingly long reach. It does great against hordes, if your aim is to quickly thin them down, and can do solid damage against specialists. It struggles however against elites, especially the armoured type. Nothing that specializing into Bleeding stacks can’t fix, but nonetheless, it is something to keep in mind.

Mace – A lot of players get huffy at trusty bonk-stick because it doesn’t off a trash mob in a single hit in a reliable way. That’s because the Mace power is hidden in two different properties; First, it has excellent stagger and wide swipes in the combos. It is truly one of, if not the best weapon for Crowd Control, as you can completely shuffle around whole groups with this thing. You can also put nearly any Elite into a stunlock with the mace as well, tossing them around with gusto. And while sweeping damage is weak, the last hit of the combo is a heavy, hard hitting, pin-point bonk that ignores all damage, making mace much, much higher DPS than players believe when soloing a tougher target.

Shield and Mace – A different thing to solo mace for a lot of reasons. The Heavy shield attacks have decent cleaver and you can spread the damage all around, but the point of this set is not excellent sweeping or damage, but endurance, as the shield protect you from all frontal damage, consuming stamina instead, when on the move… Or you can slam it down to become an immobile pillar, a deployable cover, that can tank most anything in front of your, giving your teammates some safe space to operate with. A very cooperative thing, but requires a lot of practice to utilize it well – positioning is key, so you actually benefit the team while technically not doing anything active.

Guns From The Emprah!

In general all guns in Ogryn arsenal are perfectly valid. Only Kickback struggle a bit, but that’s mostly due to it’s inability to deal with threats at range, but even that gun has its beautiful side. There are a few interesting things to consider here – first, all guns here are very good at Crowd Control and Suppression, to some degree. It is what Ogryn is for and his weaponry proves that. You also have a choice between horde clearing guns or Specialist offing guns, but they all perform multiplie duties well enough. And most importantly – all melee attacks with your gun count as heavy attack for the purpose of working with your Talents. Yup – smacking goons with your Rumbler or Gauntlet WILL trigger giving them Bleed Stacks or Toughness regen if you have those talents online.

Kickback – Currently the most underutilized and least beloved of the bunch, the starting Phat Shotgun. Majority of players retire this gun the moment they get their hands on literally anything else in the ‘Gryn arsenal, and it’s hard to blame them, because Kickback is a seriously high-skill requiring weapon with some serious limitation. By high-skill I don’t even mean the actual usage of the gun itself, but rather knowing when and how to use it; Kickback has excellent, high damage that can be delivered in an instant. Up close, it can and should absolutely wipe any elite that isn’t armoured or an ogryn off the face of the planet with a single hit. Even if it will not, the reload is fast and the other great stat comes to fore – single target stagger. This gun PACKS a punch.

Up close you can one shot a pox hound, a rager, even an Emperor-Damn Mutie! And I tested that on a ♥♥♥♥♥♥, sub 400 rating Green Kickback on Malice difficulty, so with even better perks and blessings this thing is a delete-button for anything up close. It also two shots all Ogryns but the Crusher and the boss (due to armour). Why it is not unfavoured then? Range. It is a powerful weapon but only in a very short range – it is still excellent to pull out when you need an instant ‘removal’ spell, so to speak, but since on higher difficulties it’s usually the ranged mobs that cause most problems, it’s short range is a real drawback.

Rumbler – Ah yes, Rumbler, my beloved. If you read any discussions, reddit threads or such you might’ve seen a lot of posts praising this big grenade launcher. I am all for it too! The fat bean it shoots is a menace. Now, you might ask, why would I use this, when I can use Grenadier Gauntlet instead? Faster nade, bigger damage, all that shebang! Yes, but Rumbler isn’t made for dealing damage. It still does it well, especially, if you land a headshot with the giant projective, but the real power of this gun lies in combo of two very efficiently designed traits – long range and huge suppression.

Rumbler big AoE might not do much damage, but it’s impact topple to the ground trash mobs like absolutely nothing and send entire gangs of ranged thugs running for cover. It also reliable staggers all elites, including the biggest ones. It is the king of Crowd Control on range, being able to disable a lot of minions for your team to advance, as well as cleaning up tight corridors like nobodies business. But it’s huge range is also a boon – not only it can take out Scab Snipers but also disrupt crowd and patrols way ahead of time or stagger Reapers at a safe distance. Damage isn’t the key factor in success here, especially as an ogryn – just disrupt enemies lots for your other teammates to have an easy time in wiping them out, and you’re already a huge boon for the team.

Ripper Gun – Is good. Very good, really! It has real good damage all across the board, it absolutely melts hordes into bloody bits, and fast. It’s special stab with big bayonet can be quite strong and is very swift. It staggers big time, especially up close. It is, in fact, a very good gun all around. But you wont see it currently used a lot on higher difficulties, and that’s for two reasons. First, it’s a bit inefficient on ammo. You don’t have big mags neither big spares, so it is very easy to burn through your supplies when using this thing – which might turn you into quite an ammo box vacuum cleaner. It also loses a lot of its potency at any range longer than short-medium, really. It still maintain a solid suppression ratio, even at long range! You might not be doing much damage, but the ranged minions will still try to find cover instead of popping their guns at your, which is a bonus that a lot of folks didn’t even try. It’s still a fun, and very capable weapon that can both shred a horde in a second or mangle an elite in a jiffy, but it is currently being outshone by the Stubber, and I’ll get to it shortly.

Grenadier Gauntlet – The second most beloved gun for Ogryns far and wide. I myself am not a huge fun, but I absolutely see the appeal. It’s accurate, it’s fast in delivering of the payload and it hits pretty hard. It’s an excellent tool if you want to be the prime fella for removing Specialists and hitting elites – hard. It in fact hits so hard, that a single shot to a Bulwark will stagger them to reveal their face and take their shield off. It’s fast travelling time also make it very easy to land direct hits, which are properly devastating. It’s only downside is that even the highest rolled blast radius is lower then the mediocre blast radius of a Rumbler, so this gun is not exactly made for handling hordes or indirect crowd control. You still can use it to such a capacity, for sure, but it is just not as good in that regard. Nonetheless, it’s a great choice if you want to pack a little more oomph in your arsenal or you don’t trust your teammates to do their specialist/elite cleaning duty or… well… Simply WANT to be the guy who has that duty on you. Definitely a huge boon in handling Muties and Pox Hounds, which are hardly an inconvenience for the grenadier gauntlet ogryn.

Twin-Linked Heavy Stubber – When you want to be the Rambo! This is the pinnacle of your ammo efficiency. Huge mag, big spares, and significant damage is a great combination and why this gun sees a lots of play – it’s very, very universal. It doesn’t shine in any field in particular, but it does a lot of things well enough to be a versatile tool in your kit. Deployed, it can chew through as horde in a moment notice. It needs just a few shots to mangle most Specialists and with the entire mag in you can chew through any Elites, even including Crushers. It has a pretty solid accuracy all around, really – even relatively long range. Problem with it is that it deteriorates rapidly and resets rather slowly. So just a moment of constant shooting will render it very hard to reliably hit targets that aren’t in your face. This means that this guns requires quite a lot of skilled trigger discipline to get the most out of it, because holding fire down will not be as effective as you hope it should be. But tapping the trigger to make short bursts is very efficient to handle multiple threats from many angles, and this gun is my favorite to have in moment of big heated threat, when multiple hordes charge at us with many specialists in the throng trying to take us out.

Downsides? Two, both quite important to keep in mind – it’s suppression is… Mediocre. Not terrible, but since it’s more of a pinpoint weapon, not an explosion or shotguns spread, you need to quite accurately deal some damage to ranged gang to see it try to scatter away, which will not always work due to range issues with the Stubber and it’s deviating accuracy. Second downside is speed of motion when deployed. You need to deploy to have any accuracy at all on any range except the ‘in your face’ one, and when deployed, you move very slowly, making you a prime target for hounds, trapper and snipers to take down, so your awareness of what enemies are on the field right now is crucial.

What Be Those Gubbins…? PT.1

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Talents. Let’s talk about those. In general you can try to build your big boy in multiple ways, but the best way to go around is to decide first what you want to focus on; Do you want to be a backline support? Do you prefer to be a distraction? Or maybe you’re more into spreading Bleed far and wide? Ogryn enables such options and have a few neat synergies within his talent options, so let’s quickly look at all of them:


Lynchpin – Everyone in coherency gets doubled regen rate of Toughness. A very good, universal talent that will help you and your team stay healthy on the match as you can swiftly regain toughness to a degree when you and your buds can take a few shots before your healthbars goes into question in full. A very good talent for a gunline and those moments when you try to fight through a cover-heavy chokepoint or corridor, giving your team a source of improved overall endurance. Always a fan.

Smash’em Good! – 15% Toughness gain on each heavy smack you do to a single enemy is pretty solid if you aim to duel Elites. Problem is, duelling elites is something every other class does a bit better to a degree; either because they can do it safely from range or just have more explosive on-demand DPS to do it. I don’t discourage it, it can be a very good source of self-sustain all around, however…

Best Form of Defence – Is just better in general. You see, both your melee AND most of your ranged choices have nice, solid swipes in their Heavy attacks, and hitting many targets when cleaning up a horde or even a mob of ranged shooters is a very easy task for an Ogryn. This means that this talent is an absolutely constant source of Toughness replenishment and will keep you in a fight much, much longer than you’d ever expect, as long as you have ample targets to smash with your wide hits. Definitely a favorite of mine if I want to keep being alive myself and topped off to aid the teammates more directly.


Heavyweight – Very interesting talent all around. On paper It might seem a little situational, as it only caters to four enemy types, but those enemies are frequent enough to make this talent matter. Not even the damage boost; Sure, 50% more damage against those targets IS a nice touch and will make you able to deal with them at a much faster rate, which is great, but it is the huge damage reduction that makes it such a good talent. Halving the damage you take from Crushers, Plague Ogryns and especially Reapers makes you an absolute sponge for their hits, especially already paired with Ogryn innate toughness, damage reductions and other talents that empower your endurance. This means that under some circumstances you can walk through a Reaper hail without being even mildly bothered by it, which can be a life saver for your and your team. Also makes you a prime bully for Plague Ogryns boss fights.

Bombs Away! – Not long ago this talent was just a meme. Yes, exploding a bunch of nades of hitting very particular enemies was fun, but way, way too situational. Now the talent is changed and hugely buffed to a point where it’s no longer a joke, but a very solid overall damage increase for the Ogryn. Not only now we carry 2 boxes of nades, but now the Grenades explode upon hitting any kind of armour or Unyielding enemy – this mean that like half of the targets in game will trigger the explosion, adding big damage to the throngs, wiping out mobs or adding some juicy extra damage when fighting monsters, as so far, they are all considered to be Unyielding. It’s fun!

Blood & Thunder – My personal favorite, but let me explain. Bleed is at the same time relatively weak and very strong. On it’s own, it’s rather weak – the proc damage is percentage based, so against most targets it’s just some extra few points of damage. Against bigger elites, it becomes much more significant, greatly speeding up their removal process, which is nice. But the key to this talent success in Ogryn kit lies with the fact, that he has a lot of ways to spread multiple bleed procs to many targets with single heavy hits – as they are wide – and bleeding enemies triggers quite a lot of talents of other classes, weapons blessings and your own later talent to some astonishing spike in durability.


Towering Presence – Yeah, it’s very inconspicuous, but surprisingly quite good. Might not be the go-to talent at all times, especially if you’re running a tightly knitted group of buddies that stick together anyway, but this range extension gives your team some leeway to have someone ‘with them’ to kick off that Toughness regeneration AND share the Aura abilites, as they do work based on Coherency. A solid talent that rarely fails to provide some benefit, even if it hardly makes a big, active impact during the game.

Lead the Charge – I think it’s a heavily underrated talent, due to it’s short lived bonus that doesn’t contribute to damage or general combat. The biggest issue with this talent is that to give the boon of speed allies needs to be in coherency, so this changes a bit the usage of Bull Rush, as it adds a new possible use – as a speed up button for the team to move faster to next objective. Now you might think that it doesn’t seems worth it, but the speed boost does a lot of things – it makes you and your buddies sprint faster, giving ranged goons less of a window to poke at you. It takes you away from enemy hordes from nipping at your ankles. It let you go between objective on a faster pace, diminishing the time AI director have to get… impatient. It’s a solid talent that works better in tightly knit teams.

Bullfighter – A cooldown reduction that actually works in a really neat way! 10% is 3 second from your clock, which is nice, and actually relevant on higher difficulties, as they tend to spam elites left and right, often in mobs of multiple copies, so it is not entirely uncommon or even hard to pull out to dive in with your charge and mere moments later have it back online and ready to get out. In short, the reduction is actually quite significant, especially with good positioning – if you are standing next to a Vet triggering Volley fire, taking down elites left and right, you can get rolling much more often. Once again the coherency requirement limits it a bit, but all in all, if you want to keep on charging, this one is a great option to enable you.

What Be Those Gubbins…? PT.2


Bloodthirst – And this is the ticket, this is why you’d pick Blood and Thunder as your level 10. 10% extra damage reduction for every bleeding enemy around you is very, very potent. Especially when you can spread bleed around yourself! Even at the worst case scenario – soloing an Elite – proccing bleed on them gives you additional 10% damage reduction, which is neat to stack on top of your natural 20%, but in most cases you’ll be fighting many, many enemies, and so it will be quite natural for this talent to offer you a near-constant bonus varying between 10 to 50%, which is huge. But wait, there is more! The swings of your weapons count as Heavy Attacks, so you are actually inflicting bleed AND proccing this talent as needed, so even in a pinch when totting your gun you can swing it around to give yourself another layer of durability. A great talent for a bleed build.

Hard as Nails – All talents at this level are tightly competing with each other. This one is your pinnacle of endurance in certain circumstances, and an ideal companion if you want to play a more support oriented, backline Ogryn. The bonuses are massive, scaling up to absolutely outrageous 75% total damage reduction, if you’re the last man standing. And that is on top of our natural resistances! This really led you be the guy to revive your buddies even in most dire situations and make you so very tough in those heated moments. Don’t get a false sense of security though; Even if damage wise you can become impossibly tanky, you’re still as ever vulnerable to disablers, so an unfortunate Trapper or Pox Hound can still take you down if you’re unaware or unlucky. Nonetheless, an excellent passive talent that offers you situational, but extremely powerful buff to survivability.

Die Hard – This one might seem a little underwhelming, but it is quite easy to keep it online for a majority of the match, and doubling the regen rate of Toughness is, as mentioned before, no small thing. This combos of course especially well with the Lynchpin, giving you a total of 200% toughness regen, and trust me – you will feel it and you will see it; It’s a huge blessing when facing hordes of gunners and keep your and your team health in check for more direct conflicts. Might be less impactful in key moments than the others, but it is a very stable talent to pick to increase your staying power between engagements.


Payback Time – In general, I really like this talent, because as currently the game works, is night impossible to not be hit by either a gunner or a trash mob spawning right behind you. This means, that for majority of the game you’ll enjoy a juicy +20% damage bonus against the most populous kind of mobs, helping you in horde clearing and mobs smashing, which is definitely nice. In addition, this also serves you well when fighting all elites and a lot of specials, as it is often the case that you take some chip damage from engaging them and now you can enjoy a boon in fighting them, which will aid you in doing it in a timely fashion. A generous, solid talent, that is easy to kept procced at all time. Can’t go wrong with this.

Knife Through Butter – So, I want to love it, and I am sure I’ll revisit it once all weapons are out, but for now it feels a bit underwhelming. Sure, on paper it sounds quite enticing. Infinite Cleave means you can smash SO many heads at once during hordes clearing or mobs fighting, and that is actually well felt, but the problem is, that not only we currently lack a weapon with really long reach or wide, constant swings to utilize it to its fullest potential, but also weapon Blessings can offer Cleave bonuses on their own, kind of mitigating the flair of this talent for the moment. It is definitely out there and I am sure it can be used already for spreading the love, but I’d wait for a weapon that combo well with it, because currently, I don’t feel we have one yet in stock.

Raging Bull – A different way to boost your damage. It is less consistent than Payback Time, but way more controllable, and with potential to earn you higher damage bonuses. Smack 5+ targets and bam, you’re already scoring a juicer hit on your next smash, and the tango continues. It is also a nice bonus against all targets, even if soloing something gives only a small plus most of the times, it is at least not reliant on being hit, so that is a bonus. I think it has it place and definitely work great with the Mace, so if you prefer to have a bit more control over your damage increase or just want a bonus that is always there, irrelevant of other events, this is a safe, solid bet all around.


Bull Gore – Hm. I love it, but I hate it. I love it, because once again you have a way to spread bleed, and gosh, what a way it is! With a single Bull Rush you can spread up to a hundred bleed procs! Yeah, that’s right, you can make everything bleed, which will give you a pretty constant DMG Reduction bonus with Bloodthirst, but will also synergize well with bleed-related talents of other classes and weapons. In addition, bleed scales with enemy health, so charging at a fatty is a solid way to start the engagement on your terms and with bonuses you want triggered from the get go. If you’re dedicated into a Bleed build or want to enable that Bloodletting Zealot to go to town, this is a neat choice.

Unstoppable – This one is most likely the most commonly used one. Not just for trying to get that Penance either! It is just… Good all around. Extended range is quite a blessing when trying to bore through those Endless Hordes or get much quicker and much safer to a downed buddy, but it is the trait that let you plough through anything but Monstrosities that is the huge upside, as you no longer will bonk back from enemy Ogryns, toppling them down on the way – and on higher difficulties there are ALWAYS enemy ogryns on your way to anywhere you want to go, so that is a good boon to have. It just makes your Ability ever more powerful than it already is all around, so I can recommend it in virtually any build.

Non-Stop Violence – But it doesn’t mean, that this one suck. On Contraire, my good ‘Gryn friend, this one is a literal life saver. Tanking a horde with some Elites? Feeling a little hard pressed into a corner? Life is harsh and the Emperor stopped smiling at you, big man? Well, just press your button and charge through, replenishing your entire toughness bar to a pristine condition! This is a super benefit for the charge for many reason; First, getting downed WHILE charging is night impossible, as you’re constantly getting so much toughness on the run. Second, you end out of any pickle all ready and oiled for action, having a moment of time to orient yourself and make your next step without having to worry about being downed by a couple stray shots, as your protective layer is online. It also makes a much, much nicer engagement tool, as you can dive into enemies / downed buddy with much better reliability no matter the situation, as you’ll most likely arrive topped off on toughness and with most enemies getting up from your charge. It’s a great talent, just require a much more considerate usage of your ability.

The Sun Is Getting Really Low…

And that’s all for now! Hope those insights, explanation of guns and various skills will help you realize your fullest potential as the happy go lucky Ogryn trooper, loyal to your team, the Emprah and the shiny medals you richly deserve for being such a good buy! Get out there and get krumpin’ the heretics!

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2894798425					

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