How to deal with a Daemonhost

Rules Of How To Deal With A Daemonhost (that I Made Up)

Rule 1.

Do not shoot a Daemonhost.

Rule 2.

Do not be near a Daemonhost

Rule 3.

Communicate with your team, before activating a Daemonhost.

if these rules aren't followed, it can activate the host, which may put teams who aren't ready to get a mission fail.

What Is A Daemonhost?

A Daemonhost is just a mini-boss, you may hear tiny voices or a character pointing out there is a Daemonhost near.

How To Beat The Daemonhost.

Before you ask this, you may just ask, do I need to do this?

My advice is, avoid the Daemonhost, go around, don't be near it, and maybe run away to a different path, but sometimes you just can't avoid the mini-boss fight, so how do you defeat a Daemonhost?

To defeat a Daemonhost is,

Do not shoot until your team is ready, the Daemonhost will target one person and will not stop until they are dead, teams who aren't ready can lose 1 to 2 people at least, and can wipe out teams who can not deal enough damage in time or weak, make sure all of your teammates are ready, because you need to not stop dealing damage to a Daemonhost.

Also I have seen this in the comments, to use the skullbreakers weapon with a shield to make it target you, and then everyone else shoots the Daemonhost, I think this is a good strat, but I have not done it before.

The End

This is the end of this short guide, if you have any questions ask them below, I will try to answer them.


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