Early Tips


This are some preliminary and quite basic tips, to help people find their feet.

If anyone has any more helpful tips I’d love to hear them.


Stay together. No, even more so, it regenerates your Toughness.

Not kidding. Hold hands the whole way.

There’s a little icon in the bottom left that shows how many of your teammates you’re in coherency with.

On tabletop, unit coherency is 2”. Stay that close.

Melee attacks regenerate toughness too, but not taking damage in the first place because you shot the enemy at a safe distance is better.

Speaking of which, you are going to take some damage (if you don’t, why do you need a guide?), so regenerating toughness is important.

If there’s a big monster, shoot the little ones first, then shoot the big ugly monster.

Man-sized rats are a myth.

If the enemies haven’t noticed you yet, shoot the closest ones first.

Different Lasguns play differently, and often take more than one unit of ammunition per shot.

Reloading removes the loaded clip first, so interrupting reloading leaves you with an empty clip.

Distance yourself from melee enemies, close with ranged ones, although the latter is dicey for the shotgunner and flamers.

If there’s only one way for the enemy to get in, there’s no way for you to get out.

Psykers don’t need grenades, so be helpful and tag for those who do.

Try not to dress like the enemy, it doesn’t help.

Always assume the enemy can get behind you.

The other reason to check behind yourself is to make sure you’re still close to your teammates.

Auspices don’t give vertical information, only level direction.

If someone else is working the data interrogator, cover them!

You don’t get extra points for finishing the mission with unused healing, so be greedy.

The Beast of Nurgle has a swallow attack, so don’t get too close.

There is no substitute for communication, but making the enemy’s head explode is close.

If the boss is attacking you, evade, and let your teammates do the damage. Or reviving.

Reviving is more important than killing, but sometimes you have to do some killing so you can revive successfully.

Similarly, play the enemy first, the objective second. You can’t complete the mission if you’re dead.

Don’t wander off on your own, even if your auspex tells you to.

When you drop down, all drop down together.

When in doubt, shoot. When in peace, reload. When in trouble, push and melee.


Everyone is new here, so be nice!

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