Daemonhost - how to fight it? (Upd 04.02.2023 with video)

Demonhost Is A Little Kitten - Full Video

General Tips

Demon Host has armor type Unyealding, counts as Monstrosity (for feat and quests purpose). It has following health on difficulties:

Sedition 8450

Uprising 10400

Malice 13000

Heresy 19500

Damnation 26000

(Quoted from the guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2894619510)

Here's some tips. So everyone would know how to deal with it and not be scared.

0. Choose palce for fight. Open space with no obstacles and holes into abyss. Dont let yorself to be cornered (if yoyu are not ogryn with shield). You always need place to retreat.

Clear space. Try kill enemies around DH, since all them will be aggroed when DH wake up.

1. Sharp attention. Often DH summons big horde without reason. Most people die of little trash and not from boss itself. So never put all your attention to one place. Anywahy, bosses chase one target, everyone else must clear field and do damage. So just know your class and do what ever you can best.

2. Ogryn with shield. You need guy to tank DH. Most easy solution here, put door on ground and wait. This works even when team are completely novices. Only bad is that ogryn needs to use mic to call team to do something, he cant unpress shield button.

Anyone else can dance with DH long enough with good training. Despite DH attacks breake block realy fast and insta burn toughness, he can be dodged. So dodge a lot. And better do it on same small place, so teammates could actually hit it also.

3. Put medkit under feet of tanking teammete/yourself

4. Escape fight you cannot win. If DH spawned occasionally in hard situation, the guy aggroed it can run away from team, and team can run away from him, so DH would disappear after one frag. But thats are extreme measures.

Also DH disappears after 2 deaths in team, including ones that happened by other reasons. For example bots often suicide to regular zombies during DH fight and make him disappear.

Weapons Part

5. Thunder Hammer. Zelot with power hammer with some effort can solo DH, like he do all other bosses. Use cansel of stun animation after hit (press 1 instantly after hit connects, then power up hammer again). Utilise ability well by rushing away, powering hammer again and aiming head. Use Revenant feat to regain health in the end aswell.

Single charged heavy hit with TH makes around 3000 damage to monsters. It takes ~7 hits to kill DH on herecy. 5 with +%unyealding perk and with 2 ultimate rushes.

Headshot does more damage, but not necessary.

DH has some time before activation, so it is possible to make 2 powered hits when DH lies on ground unactivated.

6. Chain weapon. Special abilities of chain swords and axes do a lot of damage. Like it do to all elires and bosses. Better use it if you are not the person who DH aggroed to.

7 Power sword. Obviously it is good to do some damage from back. But bad for tanking and overall not very effective. But better than most other weapons. And best allowed to veteran.

BUT. With power cycler blessig may become nice damage source vs monsters in general. Good idea also to combine power cycler and damage vs unyeading.

PS does around 400 damage to Unyealding with single powered heavy swing. Can make 2-3 heavy charged swings by default and 8-10 in a row with power cycler blessings.

8. Devil Claw' parry ability. Can help you spend your stamina a bit effective and live longer, while not making you complete immune. Also it automatically hits back, so will proc random brainbursts or crit bleeds, depends on class.

9. Force Sword. Special attack does good damage (around 1000 in cost of 20 peril, may cast it on up to 97% peril wothout risk, buffed be talent on force weapon, buffed by cerebral lacerations)

Also charges faster than Brain Burst (without special ulti feat).

Also it has infinite (well, 100) dodge coount, and it may help you evade all attacks of DH if he occasionally aggroed on you.

Together with feat on blocking in cost of peril this can make you immortal versus DH (at least tank it long enough before tteam kill it).

Dont let DH hit your in back (increses block cost) and dont forget to unpress block button and use it again when block broken (it not recover automatically)

10. Head. Some Autoguns and Lasguns are pretty pointy, so there is some opportunity to target head and do some good damage. Especially when he starting to suck out poor victim.

11. Bolter can do good damage in cost of big amount of ammo. While I would not expect much effect.

12. Flamer of zealot, personally. Can kill DH with 2-3 canisters of fuel.

Abilities Part

13. Bleed, burn, soulblase. It can be stacked, renewed, and do a lot of damage in period of time. So better have in pocket some option for this, if you want to fight bosses in general also.

14. Bleed grenades. Have some good damage against Unyealding armor type. All 4 at once can remove like 1/3 - 1/2 of boss HP. Useful, since veteran in general has poor kit against DH.

15. Psyker's ability to block in melee in cost of preil instead of stamina can help you hold DH for some more time.

Together with Force Sword's infinite (100) dodge coount, this can help you survive very long vs DH

Dont forget to unpress block and use it again when block is broken.

16. Ogryn's charge. Can stun DH for a while to help tanking person or yourself to take breath of air. DH will not change target after that.

17. Ogryn's box of cluser grenades. Can do some good damage also to DH and to bosses in general. 2 boxes and all booms remove like 1/3 hp on herecy.

18. Brain burst. Most effective tool psyker have, while not that good in total. Quell a bit and cast again and again. Feat cerebral lacerations increase damage done to target by 15%. Including concecutive BBs and Force Sword specials.

Weapons And Tools, You Better Not Rely On

1. Plasma. In general bad vs bosses, because cant' fire continiously. Hard to aim good in moving target also.

2. Zealot's 75% toughness damage reduction. Toughness burns literally instantly. While small chip of lost toughness will result in huge damage directly to your hp in melee. Even if you saw videos where zealots with knives kill DH solo, they avoid taking damage with lots of move instead of dull tanking.




Added by Jin

-> Devil Claw sword parry ability -> unlimited free block, spam it.

I found the one sword you can use to counter attack suprisingly work well blocking host attack. You can just keep spamming it and you'll last a lot longer for your team to down it if you dont have a shield ogryn.

Inspired by Frigg

-> Have microphone be ready, set up, keys are binded.

Chat is buggy, slow and unreliant.

Most probably you will need microphone for calling teammates in urgent situation.

And dont use micro without need. As for me, it annoying a lot to hear a stranger with bad english accent and bad noisy loud micro.

Inspired by more forum discussions

-> Psyker's ability to build peril instead of stamina while blocking.

Works good. Even better with non-force weapon, because of lower peril generation.

How To Thunder Hammer Bosses

Stun you get when you hit powered strike with TH may be completely removed.

You character will not lose mobility, ability to block, and also can power up next attack instantly.

After hit connects press 1 (choose meele weapon bind). Stun now canselled. Then you may block, dodge or power up next hit.

Full combo for example:

Charge -> Heavy -> 1 -> charge ...

How To Brain Burst Bosses

Brain burst is best psyker can do against bosses. It is not good overall, but does some damage and easy to perform.

There is way to BB a lot with minimum of pauses.

When you cast BB on at max 97% of Peril with LMB, you successfully finish cast without risk to explode. So you cant quell for a moment and cast again and again BB untill target die.

BB also allows you to dodge and dodge slide freely during cast. So you can avoid most attacks safely.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2902002374					

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