Food chart and Day by Day walkthrough


Veil of Dust: A Homesteading game is more or less meant to be figured out on your own, a little bit at a time. However, that may not be your style or you may be having a hard time with some aspect of it. This guide is meant to help you get started and sooth your FoMo.

Food Items Stat Value Chart

Food Item Hunger Stamina Morale Health Wounds Boiled Potato 10 0 -2 0 0 Barley Porridge 7 1 0 0 0 Black-eyed Peas 2 0 0 0 0 Boiled Black-eyed Peas 3 0 1 0 0 Boiled Meat 20 6 0 0 0 Meat Stew 40 8 6 3 0 Vegetable Broth 4 2 0 1 0 Bone Broth 4 0 0 4 0 Mushroom Soup 8 6 2 3 0 Monster Heart Stew 0 15 -3 15 0 Huckleberries 2 1 0 0 0 Huckleberry Jam 6 6 2 0 0 Barley Bread 16 8 0 0 0 Jam Sandwich 25 18 3 3 0 Mare's Tears 0 0 0 0 2 Meadowsweet 0 0 0 0 6 Meadowsweet Jam 0 0 0 0 20

Help! I Collapsed!

You cannot “die” in Veil of Dust. But if your Health reaches zero, you collapse and wake up the following day - you will not lose items, go back in time, or have to load/restart. However, you do get wounds, which lower your max stats. Wounds do accumulate over multiple collapses, so make sure to keep that in mind. There is a maximum amount of wounds you can accumulate (depending on the difficulty setting: moderate is 50, casual is 20).

The wounds can be partially healed with the Mare Tears (automatically added to your bag when you die) and by sleeping multiple times.

You can also craft meadowsweet seeds and grow a plant that will heal more of your wounds.

When you have crafted a mortar and pestle, you can make meadowsweet jam with the meadowsweet and a huckleberry jam. This will heal the wound entirely.

Day-by-day Walkthrough

Day 1 - 2:

Talk to Shane 3 times.

Water crops each morning.

Plant 3 more potatoes. You can subsist off ~9 plants.

Cook some of your potatoes inside the house at the fire pit. You can leave a few uncooked if you’d like to save up ingredients for a meat stew later.

Visit Hamlet the owl by exiting the homestead on the left side of the screen (west).

When you shift into first person perspective, harvest foragable items as they move past you.

Hunt a hare as per Hamlet's instructions. You can quick-equip your spore blast attack by clicking the "nothing equipped" area of the UI box on the lower right corner of the screen.

Back at the homestead, you can butcher the hare for meat, bones and a pelt at the craft bench outside the house. If you're playing on casual mode, you should have enough food at the moment, so you could either leave the meat uncooked for a meat stew later or cook and eat it now.

If you run out of stamina, it will start to eat into your health. If you collapse, you’ll restart with wounds, which accumulate with multiple collapses. See “Help! I collapsed!” section

Make sure you’re eating the food in your inventory (accessible by clicking the book/bag icon on the lower right corner of the screen). Sometimes, you’ll need to eat big stacks of low-level foods. Also, make sure to feed Shane by talking to him and selecting “Give food”. If you keep Shane and Áine’s hunger bars full, you’ll get bonuses to their other stats, giving you more stamina to work with.

Day 2 - 3:

Talk to Shane every other day from this point on

Continue to hunt hares. Occasionally, you’ll see a big pile of rocks in the areas where you hunt the hares. Approach these and click them for an item.

You can bring Shane on hare hunts to use up his stamina, but he’s not very sneaky and only successfully shoots them sometimes. He will be more useful later.

You should have at least a small handful of dandelions. Cook them to make chicory root tea, which will give you extra stamina to work with.

Harvest your black eyed peas. Make them into seeds at the craft bench. You will get vegetable scraps as a by-product. Bring these to the firepit inside and create vegetable broth. If you saved the meat and potato, you can now create a meat stew.

Once you have 3 bones, you can make bone broth at the fire pit, which heals health.

Day 4 - 5:

Talk to Shane.

You can spend this time exploring and collecting building materials.

When you have 3 pelts from hunting hares, you can make a fur blanket and apply it to your bed from your inventory to increase the amount of stamina you recover each hour you sleep. You can see these bonuses on the Homestead tab, after clicking into your inventory.

You can meet and talk with the Indian traders. They will trade ropes for fur blankets. If you bring Shane, the dialog will be different.

If you exit the river room to the left, you can also meet and talk with Alysse, a future romance candidate. The romance arcs will be implemented in the full game.

You should have two rocks now. Go to the craft bench and craft a mortar and pestle. Apply it to your kitchen from your inventory. When you get berries, you can now make jam.

Day 6 - 8:

Talk to Shane

From this point on, you may see a little pixie appear over your crops. This is a puzzle mini-game. Something good happens if you figure it out. ;)

When your potatoes are ready, make seeds from one of them at the craft bench.

Head north to the butte. You’ll get a cutscene wherein Áine hears a roar.

Climbing the butte takes stamina, so keep an eye on that. Head straight up and to the left, toward the berry bushes. Pick these berries while you’re passing. You should arrive at a pointy boulder on the ledge. Approach it and tie the rope Shane gave you on day 1. This is now a shortcut to bypass the stamina cost of climbing those 7 ledges. Climb back down.

Go left and pick some berries and grab some building materials.

Go back to the homestead.

You can now make huckleberry jam.

Go to the craft bench and turn all your limestone to lime.

When you have 10 stone and 5 lime, talk to Shane and select “Upgrade the House” to build a chimney. This allows you to make bread and jam sandwiches.

Day 9 - 10:

When your stats are in a fairly good place, ask Shane to follow you and head north to the butte.

Climb the rope you tied earlier.

Continuing beyond this point will introduce fighting and ambushes to the game, so don’t proceed if you’re not ready. Ambushes will only occur once per day and you can run away from the encounters by heading to the top of the screen.

Equip your spore blast spell. Head to the right, past the berry bushes and continue to climb up.

You’ll come to an open space. Keep walking forward. You’ll now get a cutscene where Áine and Shane spot a monster. It will then attack. This fight should be pretty easy with Shane there, so you can throw in some spore blasts or just try to dodge the monster while Shane shoots it.

If your stats are still good, you can continue up the butte.

Day 10 - onward:

Now, you’ll need to keep working your way up to the top of the butte, where there’s a boss. You’ll need to have enough stamina to get to the top, but there are stamina recovery items within the boss fight.

You can do this by amassing farm-produced items, fighting guardians and collecting their drops (bring Shane), tying ropes (trade with the Laughing Crow to obtain these), or just relying on your battle skills to avoid enough damage. Note that Shane running out of health will also lose the fight, so make sure his stats, at least, are at a good level.

If you're playing on casual mode, any damage you do to the boss will be saved between attempts, so you can run away if things are going poorly.

When you’re ready to take on the boss fight, ask Shane to follow you and head up the butte.

The big round boulders can be jostled loose to roll down and cause damage to the boss. Kite the boss over to them and dodge a stomp attack to cause this to happen.

The teal orbs will give you stamina if you touch them.

You can use these tactics plus the damage output from Shane to win the fight and focus on kiting the boss or dodging. Or, you could use the spore blast to help add damage.

After defeating the boss, you’ll get a cutscene between the siblings. After this, head over to the door in the golden arch for the final cutscene in the demo.