How to unlock Gyorunton (New Secret Character)

How to unlock Gyorunton (New Secret Character)

How To Unlock

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1. Choose any character (preferably with a strong starting weapon like Leda). Eggs can be used

2. Before you move on with the stage selection screen limit your max Weapons to one. This is

necessary to unlock the character

3. Choose the "Boss Rash" stage. You can unlock it by unlocking Hyper mode for all 5 normal stages.

4. Survive the stage (15min).

5. The character is now available in your character selection screen.

The option will be unlocked after you got the achievement "Mindbender". It's the achievement for having 100 entries in the Collection (so basically for unlocking 100 achievements)

Yes you can. The game lets you start out with two weapon despite having them fixed to a maximum of one. Her weapon will also evolve so there is no problem


It starts after 13 seconds in. Also only the first 2 minutes are relevant. This is also not my video


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