BEST BUILD (patch 0.2.9)


Arca - (Reduced Weapon Cooldown by -15% max.)

Map / Area

Library - Hyper (50% gold + 10% Luck)


1. Firewand --> Hellfire

2. [Peachone + Ebony wings] --> Vandalier

3. Axe --> Death Spiral

4. Cross --> Heaven Sword

5. King Bible --> Unholy Vespers

6. Magic Wand --> Holy Wand / Runetracer

Upgrading priority:

King bible --> Firewand --> Axe --> Peachone and Ebony Wings --> Cross --> Magic Wand / Runetracer

+Don't take the MAGIC WAND / Runetracer

until Vandalier (Peachone and Ebony wings) is aquired. This will allow you to have "7 weapons" max.

+Magic wand can be replaced by Lightning ring or Runetracer if there is no magic wand.

Magic wand for extra knockback.

Rune tracer for extra dps.

Items / Equipments

*Make sure to get these 6 items first*

1. Spinach

2. Candelabrador

3. Luck

4. Spellbinder

5. Duplicator

6. Attractorb

Take these two items after filling 6 item slots:

+Empty Tome (Bonus) (Priority after filling 6 slots)

+Stonemask (Bonus Optional)

+Don't take the EMPTY TOME and STONEMASK in levelling choices. These two items are obtainable in far left and right side of the library.

Far Upper Left = EMPTY TOME

Far Upper Right = STONEMASK


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