### Vampire Survivors Big Beginners Guide ###

### Vampire Survivors Big Beginners Guide ###


### Vampire Survivors Big Beginners Guide ### image 1

Welcome to my Big Beginners Guide (VSBBG).

Hello, its Guide from random guy who has 880 hours in Vampire Survivors, here i'll explain everything and tell some tips

Including - Characters, Grinding guide, DLC, Evolutions, Tips

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This Guide will get updated as soon as new update will come.

If you think there's something missing, you can suggest it in comment section.

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Whats the Best Character to grind Eggs on it?- Big Trouser, beacause he has Candybox by default and he'll become cold character to just complete some new update or just make some experiment.

Whats the Best Character overall?- There's no best, but theres OP characters, and theres some of em'

OP+ : Big Trouser, Queen Sigma, Avatar

OP : Red Death, Cosmo

How to unlock Secret Characters?Before you start make sure you found Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane in the Bone Zone map.

Well, there's a couple of ways

1. Try to find them yourself

2. Get a guide from here

Let's start.

Exdash Exiviiq - Cast the spell x-x1viiq.

Toastie - The player can unlock this character by killing either The Stalker, The Drowner, or The Trickster. After their defeat, Toastie should appear on screen for half a second. Press the Down Arrow + Enter key combination while Toastie is on screen. The S (Down) key does not count. When successful, a jingle will be played.

Smith IV - Type "spam" in the main menu - this will start a hidden 30-second timer. Go to the character selection and enter "spam", go to the stage selection and enter "spam", and enter a run and enter "humbug". When you leave the run, Smith IV will be playable.

Random - On any of the normal stages, opening the coffin for the second time will unlock Random.

Boon Marrabbio - Obtain the Yellow Sign then Enter Mad Forest and remove the Skull O'Maniac and Pummarola stage items. This can be accomplished by picking them up (even if they are discarded after) or by obtaining them through leveling up and then maxing them. When these conditions are met, Pies will start to appear and lead you to a specific part of the map (left on the grid of the Hollow Heart and above the Metaglio Left), where a shadowy enemy will appear; it will slowly move toward you even if you do not go there. Defeating it plays a jingle that signals you have unlocked the character.

Avatar - After clearing Eudaimonia Machine by defeating the The Directer and obtaining Greatest Jubilee, enter Inlaid Library with inverse mode toggled on. Travel very far right past the Gold Ring, until you see The Trickster in front of a piano. You must kill the The Trickster while he is at the piano: If you stray too far away from the piano, The Trickster will relocate, and your attempt won't succeed. Once you've killed The Trickster (at the piano), interact with the piano (just ram into it); Doing so will pause the game and open up an interactive pop-up menu with clickable piano keys. If you have Peachone and Ebony Wings (Vandalier and Cosmo Pavone's birds do not count), the birds will show you which keys to press. To avoid evolving Peachone and Ebony Wings into Vandalier you may wish to Banish one of the bird weapons after acquiring it to prevent it from leveling up to level 8.

The keys you'll need to press are D, A, A#, G, and C# (2nd white key, 6th white key, 5th black key, 5th white key, and 1st black key).

You will find yourself in a dark area with large amount of Undead Heads and Undead Eyes and nine coffins. Travel around the area and find Avatar in one of the coffins (his coffin location is randomized). After opening the coffin containing him, all other enemies will disappear and he will start attacking you. Defeat him to unlock him in the roster. Once Avatar is defeated, the White Hand will appear and end your run.

Minnah Mannarah - Obtain Yellow Sign then Enter Dairy Plant and get the cheese, located west from Armor (item), visible on the map as a Floor Chicken icon, northwest from the starting area. It can also be attracted using Mad Groove (VIII). Once collected, 7 werewolves will spawn. Defeating all of them plays a jingle that signals you have unlocked the character.

Leda - Start a run in Gallo Tower using a character with high movement speed. Applying hyper mode to the stage is helpful for the added movement speed bonus.

Travel south until the screen is completely dark on the edges. You will know you are in the correct area when the music is replaced with ominous wind and the letters in the background change from runes to "IAMALIVEHERE".

Continue to travel south, zig-zagging to ensure that you see all areas of the floor. You will soon encounter Leda, who can be difficult to spot amongst everything else on screen with your limited vision. Be careful not to pass her - she is too slow to chase you, and will not teleport to you if offscreen.

Defeat Leda to unlock them as a playable character. She has quite a bit of health, so it may take a while. Once you have defeated her, the screen will once again be illuminated, and a small jingle will play.

Cosmo Pavone - To unlock Cosmo, the player must have already collected the Yellow Sign and unlocked Zi'Assunta Belpaese by opening her coffin. Then the player must enter Cappella Magna with a character with 0 eggs as part of the "pure heart" requirement. (note: toggling eggs off will not count as having "0 eggs")

In Cappella Magna, the player must then collect Peachone and Ebony Wings. After obtaining them, go north beyond the Crown and Tiragisú where a Nduja Fritta Tanto can be found by a balcony. Collecting the Nduja Fritta when all of the above conditions are met spawns Cosmo on the balcony and the gate blocking it is removed. Cosmo can then be collected as a flash similar to Rosary appears.

Alternately, if The Ender has not yet been defeated, activating the Ender battle while standing near the balcony causes all the walls and gates to disappear, and you can walk over and collect Cosmo immediately after the battle.

Peppino - On Il Molise, use Celestial Dusting to attack the plants, healing them instead. Upon restoring 100,000 health points to the plants, it plays a jingle that signals you have unlocked the character.

Big Trouser - In Moongolow, collect all 16 standard stage items and raise them all to max level. The character will be unlocked after the stage is left after fully upgrading all 16 items.

Because Tiragisú is lost once both of all the revives have been used, one attempting to unlock Trouser must leave the stage after all accessories have been leveled fully. Ending the run through death will result in not having a Tiragisú at the end of the run, and Trouser will not be unlocked. The run can be left either through quitting it manually, or being teleported to Holy Forbidden at the 14 minute mark.

missingN▯ - To unlock missingN▯, the Yellow Sign must first be unlocked. The player must enter Green Acres with hyper mode and hurry mode enabled. After heading south 18 tilesets and west 18 tilesets, the area's appearance will change drastically. After this happens, all the stages in the game will morph together and giant winged eyes will begin to spawn. After killing 128 of them, missingN▯ can be bought from the character select menu.

Gains Boros - Due North of spawn in The Bone Zone (beyond Silver Ring), there is a ring of flowers which heals the character by 8 every 0.5 seconds. By staying in the ring for 10 seconds, a jingle is played and the ring disappears. The healing from the ring will continue.

Gyorunton - Is unlocked after surviving 15 minutes in Boss Rash with only one weapon.

Mask of the Red Death - The player can unlock this character by killing The Reaper.

Rose De Infernas - As described by the developer: "Go to Astral Stair with any mode/character and step through doors 46 times. Doesn't have to be done in the same run, the counter keeps accumulating. Touch the coffin that appears after touching the 46th door."

Scorej-Oni - Walk roughly 20 tilesets to the right on Tiny Bridge to encounter Scorej-Oni as an enemy. Defeat the boss to unlock it as a playable character.


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Like in real life, money is a very important thing, so in this section i'll explain how to get money.

So, Grind should be afk, so items like Knife is bad idea, for your build.

The best map for grinding on stars is Inlaid Library, and for Advanced ones - Moonglow


Inlaid Library has only 2 directions which makes items like Runtracer more efficient

Moonglow has Mini-guardians who'll drop Golden Eggs, and also contains all needed Passive Items.

Inlaid Library build (Beginner)Character - You can choose anyone you want but its good if you'll choose some character with some weapon bonuses like Arca, Imelda, Lama.

I recommend these items - Runtracer, Santa Water, King Bible, Fire Wand, Pachone and Ebony, Cross. Needed items to evolve them you can find in Evolve section

(Check navigation panel on right side).

Arcanes - XV and VIII (optionally I)

Moonglow build (Advanced)My favourite map, and my favourite build

Character - Trouser, cuz its best charecter to grind Golden Eggs on it.

I recommend these items - Phiera and Eight, Gatti Amari, Laurel, Santa Water, King Bible, Song of

Mana, Victory Sword, Clock Lancet

DLC items - Prismatic Misslie, Shadow Servant, Just Vent, Lifesign Scan, Silver Wind

Arcanes - XV and VIII (optionally I)

You're free to make build of your own, and choose map you like.


So. What's the Best DLC?

Well, Theres's my opinion

Legacy of the MoonspellThis DLC contains Adventure, and good amount of good and original Weapons.

Tides of the FoscariThis DLC contains 2 good and someway OP Weapons Prismatic Missile and Shadow Servant

Emergency Meeting Kinda boring DLC, Has only 1 good weapon Just Vent, but as a difference from the 1st and 2nd places this DLC has Passive Items in it.


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Stole the pics from Fandom Wiki[vampire-survivors.fandom.com]


So, you completed everything you could, including Secrets, Collection, Bestiary, Unlocks, DLCs and Adventures, so what's next?

There's few ways

Forget about the game til new update will come.

Earse all progress and complete it one more time

Make challanges for yourself

Modifications (poor) {Be Careful!!! Mods may earse all progress, so make copy of it}

Coop with your friends using Steam Remote Play

Quick start button (My favourite)

Play Vampire Survivors on twitch stream

You can mix some variantsCheckout Nexusmods for mods <BUTTON>[www.nexusmods.com]


Tip #1 - ProgressThis game is pretty simple so you can easily complete just by playing maps you opened, but after some time, you may get stuck, so, i highly recommend to check "unlocks" (Achievements),

Achievements are something like progress bar, there you can check how to unlock some character or some location, or whatever else.

Officially you'll complete the game after completing all achievements, but with each update devs add new achievements and some new cool stuff. Even tho, there's secret characters you can get by having brain storm or by just checking Vampire Survivors fandom wiki.

I've unlocked some just accidently, and some whom i couldn't find without hint i just looked up on wiki.

Tip #2 - BestiaryIf you care about monsters you found, and you have for an example 2 left, and you want to find em', the easiest way is check monsters near the unknown

- Monster Nr. 128

- Unknown???

- Monster Nr. 130

Check where you found 128th and 130th and the unknown more likely to be in this location.

Its fair-play method, much easier to just check the number on fandom wiki.

To Be Continued...

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3221058304					

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