VA-11 HALL-A's 3 extra chapters. (And modding!)

VA-11 HALL-A's 3 extra chapters. (And modding!)


As some know, 3 extra chapters for VA-11 HALL-A were added via updates ever since the game's release, going from the Prologue that scarred Jill for life, to Anna Graem's first meeting with Jill, and Anna's talk with Jill on New Years.

Anna Graem's 2 extra chapters are very important for her characterisation overall plus VA-11 HALL-A's lore overall too, thus it's recommended that you play these at the very least if you're not interested in the Prologue. Trust me.

These 3 extra chapters are located in the top left of the main menu.

Prologue has it's own dropdown menu called "PRLGUE" while the Anna Demo and Anna Start epilogue have a shared one called "ANNA".

Now for the explanations of each extra chapter.


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Takes place on December 9th up to December 11th in the game's timeline. (3 playable days.)

This is where the bar ends up being infested with dogs (Poor Gillian.), and is the first time Jill meets Betty and Deal.

Anna Demo

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Takes place on December 12th, one day before the main game. (Hence why some people play the Prologue and Demo before the main game.)

This is where Jill meets Anna Graem for the first time plus the reverse way around, and gets to know a ton about each other.

Anna Start (Spoilers!)

Takes place on January 1st, right after the game's ending on December 31st.

This only unlocks if you've done the previous 2 extra chapters and have beaten the main game. (Which makes perfect sense.)

This extra chapter is Anna Graem having a long serious conversation with Jill in her apartment regarding all of the events that've happened during the main game.

After exhausting all of the extra chapter's dialogue however, an important extended ending for it will play afterwards.

VA-11 HALL-A Modding

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Currently VA-11 HALL-A modding isn't popular by any means, and the only current large scale mod to be released is VA-11 HALL-NYA.

However, there is a very informative modding guide out there that was made recently, so you can create your own mods for this game if you want. It's really easy!


That is all. Hope the guide helped! Happy extra chapter playing and modding!


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