Minigame "Model Warrior Julianne" guide for Noob

Minigame "Model Warrior Julianne" Guide For Noob

yet another Minigame guide

thx Poplar from other guide to point safe spot out.

I try to make more Noob friendly guide and adjust some strategy.

-use fullscreen and enable scanline. scanline help you locate direction and position of bullet easier.

-there are safe spot in the corner . watch video for timing.

listen to BGM will help a lot while playing . safe spot end at certain part of music.

1st safe spot time last about 20 second.

2nd safe spot time last about 60-80 seccond.

I don't recommend use safe spot for boss fight.

timing in and out is hard and likely to get multiple hit. and bullet are more dense when you closer to boss.

-sit far back in mid lane will make it more easier to dodge.

-concentrate on dodge more than shooting. just hold x brainlessly when engage in battle.

-move as little as you can. make big move too frequent will cause accidental run into bullet.

-you can hold shift to move slower. (thank Krylia Viru in comment section , I never know that)

make by noob for noob


listen carefully when Jullianne got hit, you will hear her voice cry.

perhaps , only character that have Voice over is her. btw , I am not sure it's synthetic or actual person


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