FAQ - Hints & Nudges [WIP]

About This Guide

WARNING: THIS GUIDE HAS SPOILERS. Browse at your own risk!

Tunic is a game that heavily relies on players figuring things out by themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to immediately figure out hints given by the game it makes the game very counter-intuitive for them.

This guide's purpose is to give to those players who are stuck or lost, small hints on the direction they should take and to find their way. Most of it will be under spoiler tags, but browse at your own risk!

The guide is separated in four sections:

Early game, from where you begin the game to when you enter The Sealed Temple .

Mid game, from the moment you start looking for the three keys .

Late game (HEAVY SPOILERS), starting when you fight the Final Boss for the first time .

End game (MASSIVE SPOILERS) Solving all the puzzles and obtaining all the pages of the booklet.

I will progressively add questions and answers based on what people ask in the comments and on Discord.

Here's how the questions will be written and answered:

Q: This is a normal question. How do I do this?Hint: This is a tiny hint on something you could do.

Nudge: This is a more elaborate hint on the direction you should take.

This guide will have NO CLEAR SOLUTION on how to solve problems as this goes against the primary purpose of the game.


This part of the guide goes from the moment you start the game to the point where you enter the Sacred temple at the north of the Overworld.

The questions here will not be spoilered, but the answers will.

Q: So I found the stick, but how do I get a sword? I can't cut bushes.Hint: You can read signs. Where do they point?

Nudge: Reading signs in the starting area will point you towards "The Hero's Grave", with the symbol of a sword. Start from there.

[Work in progress...]

2: MIDGAME (Light Spoilers)

This part of the guide will answer questions related to Finding the three keys (and the related environments .

[Work in progress...]

3: LATE GAME (Heavy Spoilers)

!!HEAVY SPOILERS ALERT!!From this point on, all questions and answers will be marked with spoilers.

This part begins from the moment after you fight "The Heir" and fail, becoming a ghost.

[Work in progress...]


Don't even think at looking in here if you haven't completed previous parts yet.

This part of the guide will give hints on finding missing pages and obtaining the True Ending, including secret achievements and such.

[Work in progress...]

Conclusion & Thanks

Special thanks: The Finji Discord Community for helping me solving this game and writing this guide.

The TUNIC Development team for this breathtaking game!

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2780758402					

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