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Armour Set Bonuses

The Daemon Prince can equip a wide variety of armour and weapons. You can play around with it and do whatever you want, but I completely missed the bonuses that some of the Armour Sets get on my playthrough:

The Chaos Undivided Plate Armour set gives the Daemon Prince 170 armour personally, and gives +20 Armour and +15% Physical Resistance to his army (so actually 190 Armour on the prince).

Slaanesh has a set (Scythed Arms, Ashen Wings, Fiendish Tail) that gives -25% upkeep for Slaanesh units in Daemon Prince's army. You can get -30% upkeep from Daemon Prince skill tree. You can get -15% from maxing Chaos Undivided Daemonic Glory. You can get -20% from maxed Bloodletting. So that is -55% > -70% > -90% upkeep for Slaanesh units as you progress in the campaign.

Tzeentch has a set that gives +15% Barrier to Horrors and another set that gives them +10% ammo (that I think can be used at the same time as the +15% Barrier set). If you max "Transition's Troopers" in the Daemon Prince's skill tree and combine that with the +15% Barrier set, that gives Horrors (Blue, Pink and Exalted Pink) +25% Barrier and +6 Melee Defense.

Nurgle's set gives +20% Replenishment for Nurgle Units.

Khorne has a small set that buffs Bloodletters and Undivided has another small set that gives +4 Melee Attack for the whole army but will cause you not to be able to get the Plate Armour set bonus, but you may be able to mix & match with a different set.

Best Army For Daemon Prince

Below is what is probably the most powerful army you can build for the Daemon Prince:

Daemon Prince

Plagueridden (hero) on Rotfly

Ground Hero (Hero not on a flying unit) or a regular Ground Unit that you can hide in a forest. You can have a 2nd Plagueridden for extra healing if you want.

17 Bloodthirsters


The Daemon Prince flies. Bloodthirsters fly. Bloodthirsters are anti-large but also wreck infantry, basically they are good against everything. To put it in perspective they wreck ogres. Daemon Prince with a full stack of Bloodthirsters is a 7/10 doomstack. Now add a Plagueridden on a Rotfly with Locus of Fecundity and maxed Fleshy Abundance that can fly along with the Bloodthirsters and Daemon Prince and heal them to max health and you have a 10/10 Doomstack. You can add a 2nd Plagueridden for more healing if you want.

IMPORTANT - Since all of the above fly, you need a ground unit so that you don't lose due to the leadership penalty against an all-flying army. If you only want 1 hero in the army then you can just have the Plagueridden be on the Nurgling Palanquin and hide him in the trees and just bring everyone back to him at the end of the battle to heal, but then you miss out on him providing magic support during the battle (or softening the enemy up with Stream of Corruption before you send in the Bloodthirsters).

I'd probably have 2 Plagueridden with one on a Nurgling Palanquin and hide him in the woods at the start of the battle.


If you want to keep everything in the Slaanesh family, you could have the Daemon Prince buff Marauders of Slaanesh and get the -15% Slaanesh Upkeep from the Undivided line along with Lightning Strike, then keep going down the Slaanesh line and then buff either the Keeper of Secrets or the Soulgrinder of Slaanesh... or both. A stack of Keeper of Secrets or Soulgrinders will probably also be a Doomstack, especially with 1 or 2 Plagueridden (and you only need 1 since Keepers and Soulgrinders are ground units).

A doomstack of Soulgrinder of Nurgle would also be very effective with their long range.

And I'm sure a Lord of Change or Soulgrinder of Tzeentch stack would be a doomstack.

Basically any of the Soulgrinders or Tier 5 single entity monsters are probably going to be a doomstack, especially with 1-2 Plagueridden to heal them.


When you dedicate a settlement to a chaos god, that settlement gets a basic unit you can recruit without having to construct any military buildings.

Slaanesh gives you Marauders of Slaanesh

Nurgle gives you Nurglings

Tzeentch gives you Blue Horrors

Khorne gives you Chaos Warhounds

All dedications get access to Chaos Furies.

Marauders are anti-infantry and really great.

Nurglings are a great tarpit unit but they struggle to kill fast enough.

One poster recommended Blue Horrors and I can see that working if you are good at micro-ing them so that they use all their ammo and their shields regenerate before they go back into melee, but I personally thought they got slaughtered in melee so you mileage may vary.

Chaos Warhounds are units for rear-charging already engaged enemies and chasing down routing enemies, you're gonna have a bad time if you need to recruit an army and these are all you have available.

Campaign Walkthrough

1) Dedicate Doomkeep to Slaanesh. Recruit Marauders of Slaanesh. Turn 2, move north toward minor settlement north of you but stay in Doomkeep territory and recruit more Marauders of Slaanesh.

Your first 3 buildings in Doomkeep should be the Reverence building, the Control Garrison building, and the Income building.

Daemon Prince Build

First off, ignore old Reddit posts or forum posts decrying how weak the Daemon Prince is. After Patch 1.1 or 1.2 when his Melee Attack and Melee Defense got buffed, the Daemon Prince is now quite powerful.


Nurgle's Wings of Pestilence

Khorne's Armoured Sentient Tail

Masquerading Helm (S

Armoured Plagued Body (N)

Light Armoured Gauntlets (K)

Oversized Heavy Armour (n)

Pestilent Chausses (N)


All chaos gods get a straightforward +income building, and all the chaos gods get two buildings that give +1 to hero capacity, one is a military building and one is a Reverence building. The Reverence building gives +income if a certain condition is met.

Slaanesh followed by Nurgle are the best choices to dedicate your settlements to money-wise. Khorne and Tzeentch suck.

Slaanesh's option gives +income as long as you have 50+ control, which isn't difficult to achieve.

Nurgle's option gives +income as long as you have 5 Growth Points or 200 Growth.

Khorne requires an enemy lord to be present in the province or region (you don't control this).

Tzeetch requires the Winds of Magic in the province/region to be Tempestuous (you don't control this).

Daemonic Glory

Daemon Prince Skills

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2779275686					

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