Remember that the sun exists!

If You Are A Vampire Feel Free To Ignore This Guide.

Well, the sun literally kills you and you are immortal and can afford to waste as much time as you want.

For All The Mortals Still With Us, Let's Begin.

Let's start with the basics. You may feel like a vampire but you are only dead inside, and you may look like a vampire but that is because you didn't see the sun for days, maybe months for some of you.

Your body has its needs and we have to start with those. Start by SLOWLY getting up from your chair. It has been a while and you may not be used to walking yet. Getting too fast may also make you pass out as you probably didn't eat or drink for a while.

*If you didn't eat or drink for like more than a week or so and you can still read this one of two things must be true:

A) If you look down and you still got a body, you are in fact a vampire. Go back to step one of this Guide.

B) I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this but you are dead. You most likely possessed your PC to keep playing. Keep calm, death is not as bad as we the still leaving make it out to be. Go search for a "recently dead support group" online!

Let's take one minute of silence for our fallen brothers and sisters.

Ok, you are up, good job. First, go to find water and drink it but not too fast. After that, scream for food. If someone answered may it be mom, wife, brother, sister, husband or caregiver, you are good. If they are unwilling to just start giving you food make sure to cry pathetically until they do.

If no one answered you live alone. go to your phone and order some food.

***Remember to eat slowly if you don't you may puck or even die.

You are now ready for the next part.

Hygiene And Protection.

First your hygiene. Go to your shower. If you don't have one a sink will do. If you don't have a sink use a toilet or any other indoor sources of water. Clean your mouth and then the rest of your body as best you can.

Now for protection. The sun may be your friend but with no protection, it can be an abusive friend. Find sunscreen and use it. If you can't find sunscreen you can use an umbrella until you get to the store to buy some.

You Are Ready To Meet The Sun.

I'm very proud of you. Step outside with confidence and get some vitamin D.


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