Plague Drones quick guide

Rot Flies,Plague Drones And PG With DH

These 3 units tend to underperform due to how the units is design and its purpose on game so i did this quick guide to try to explain how i used them on multi to maximize their value

Rot Flies:this is the one suffering the most due to its really bad attack animations and attack stats.I only like to use them againts the lightiest troop possible like gnoblars,cathay peasant archers and similar units.They are a unit i strongly suggest to avoid and just get a plague drone for just 300 more.If your using this unit ill just use it to chase routing enemies like and harassing enemy back lines but harpies does that for u and for a better price and value so they arent useful right now

Plague Drones:this can make a lot of value out it on a right scenario and target,dont see this unit as a pegasus rider,longma,gryffon or whatever.This unit is meant to go for ranged targets and with a large unit scale,use them against units like pink horrors, cathay ranged troops and artillery, same for kislev with exception of some,dont get never more than 2 of these as they have a small role on Nurgle army and are more like a support unit.Something i realize its they tend to underperform horribly against cavalry and monster infantry due to flying charge issues,ill say use this against tzeentch 2 at least and go for their flamers,they wreck them really quick,support for ur lord on fights will help to due the lower count (10 units) u will be able to get more enemies close and use the passive of your GUO same as Nurgle and Death lore more.

PG with DH:this are the ones that on a right scenario are a S+ units,against any army without flyers on the game they will guaranteed 1250 to 1500 value just with their shoots attacks,i love to use them on this scenarion,against khorne to snipe Skarbrand and if its and ExBloodThirster keep them close to ur GUO so he cant get close to them as u keep shooting,KH harpies wont win even if dont u support them with your Nurgle Harpies or if u just cast any spell but doing so they will get a lot of dmg and might lose a couple of entities so isnt the way to go,against OK are a wonderful unit keep them out of Leadbelchers fire range and charge them or if u cant keep them flying above and shooting,whenever ogres get on formation again just move yours to above them again,same for IronBlasters and against Slaanesh this is a must go unit,there is nothing like seeing Nkari running away from a bunch of green dude riding flies for 5 minutes.Only matchups where i wont suggest to bring them is against TZ or Cathay due u could just bring the regular plague drones or go rot flies(get Nurgle Furies dont use rot flies they wont make even 400 value out of the 900 they cost)

Thanks for reading


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