How to unlock all factions and Immortal Empires Map

1.Step - Writing A Review

First you have to go to the review page of Warhammer 3 (if not yet done).

Then click thumb down for a bad review.

Take a deep breath, read the roadmap announcements and write down your thoughts on CA's lies and lazy work on what should be the greatest game in this series. Rember the great release status of the game (if you can play it after all) over 2 months ago.

Click on "Send".

2.Step - Modifying Steam Library

In the next Step you have to go to your Steam Library page.

Locate and right-click the game.

Go to "Uninstall" and click it. In the showing modal, click "Uninstall" again.

3.Step - Save Your Money

Go to Steam Support next.

Look for "Total War Warhammer 3".

Follow all steps to "Request a Refund" of the game to get your money back from a scamming company that released an unfinished software product after they stole 60 bucks from you on a presale.

Even if you send the request after 14 days of possession, Steam is to my experience very cooperative esp. vs scamming companies.

4.Step - Unlocking Everything

In your last step, you have to chill and enjoy your life while playing another, working game or play with your family or wife/husb.

Get your hard earned money back and invest it in going out, having fun. You can also buy several games on Sale for 60 bucks and play them. There are plenty of games, also RTS titles, that are way better than this product from CA.

In February 2023 (due to the delay policy of CA) go to the Steam shop page.

- Search for "Total War Warhammer 3".

- Check the Reviews.

- Buy the game on Sale for 50%

- Click on "Install" on the game page in your Steam Library

- Wait 1 1/2 days for downloading and installing 10 GB

- Start the game

et voila, there it is.....all factions unlocked and a big Immortal Empires Map.

Sure these steps will take a while but I'm pretty sure it's worth it.

Should work on all systems!


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