Experience Tables and Training Skill


This guide is mostly there for reference and displays the experience tables for both units and characters. It also displays some additional info and tables about the Training Skill.

Experience Tables

ExperienceExperience TotalRank 1Rank 2Rank 3Rank 4Rank 5Rank 6Rank 7Rank 8Rank 9ExperienceExperience TotalLevel 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8Level 9Level 10Level 11Level 12Level 13Level 14Level 15Level 16Level 17Level 18Level 19Level 20Level 21Level 22Level 23Level 24Level 25Level 26Level 27Level 28Level 29Level 30Level 31Level 32Level 33Level 34
Level 35Level 36Level 37Level 38Level 39Level 40Level 41Level 42Level 43Level 44Level 45Level 46Level 47Level 48Level 49Level 50ExperienceExperience Total

Here is how much experience points are required for units to rank up :


Here is how much experience points are required for characters (heroes/lords) to level up :

Total1000100012002200140036001600520018007000200090002200112002400136002600162002800190002900219003000249003100280003200312003300345003400379003500414003600450000370048700137505245023800562503385060100439006400053950679506400071950740507600084100801009415084250042008845014225926752425096925342751012004430010550054325109825643501141757437511855084400122950944251273750445013182514475136300245001408003452514532544550149875545751544506460015905074625163675846501683259467517300004700177700 Total

Is The Training Skill Worth It ?

Some heroes like the Wight King for the Vampire Counts have the Training skill which can be upgraded 3 times. When the hero is in an army, it grants experience per turn to all units in the army. Note that it only affects units in the army, it doesn't have any effect on characters (heroes/lords).

Here is how much XP the skill provides by turn...

By default : 50

With Training 1 upgrade : 70

With Training 2 upgrade : 85

With Training 3 upgrade : 100

As we saw in the previous chapter, a unit needs in total 22000 XP to reach rank 9. It means that a Hero with Training 3 can level up an idle army to rank 9 in 220 turns. This Training skill was considered (almost) worthless in TWW2 but was buffed in TWW3 with its bonus almost doubled.

It's hard to tell how useful this skill can be because there are so many factors. After battles, units don't get the same amount of XP. An OP unit like a Mortis Engine can get for example to rank 9 in around 50 turns with battles only while some units may take 100 turns if not more. It means that the Training skill will usually provide between 1/4 and 1/2 of the XP total of units in average.

Knowing this makes this skill quite useful in my opinion and upgrading it doesn't mean that you sacrifice something else anyway. In most cases it just delays getting a small stat boost for a single hero. While it's not game changing, not upgrading the Training skill as early as possible just feels like a waste of XP.

The skill is also much more useful if :

- You have an army that won't see as much fights as your other ones.

- You have very low leadership frontline units. The stats earned by ranks aren't game breaking but the extra leadership can help limit mass routing.

- You play a faction like Warriors of Chaos whose high tier units are unlocked based on rank.

- Delaying extra stats/skills for the hero with the Training skill has very minimal impact.

- The first hero at the start of the campaign has the Training skill. Obviously this skill has much more value on an army that still has low rank units.

- You rush the red line of your lord and wants your units to reach rank 7 as fast as possible to benefit the big stats bonuses.

Training Skill Table - Part 1

TurnDefaultTraining 1Training 2Training 312
34567700 (rank 1)89765 (rank 1)10700 (rank 1)11121314700 (rank 1)151500 (rank 2)1617181530 (rank 2)192021221540 (rank 2)23242400 (rank 3)25262728292465 (rank 3)301500 (rank 2)313233343400 (rank 4)352450 (rank 3)3637
3839403400 (rank 4)4142434445464600 (rank 5)47482400 (rank 3)493430 (rank 4)5051525354554675 (rank 5)56575859606162636465664620 (rank 5)67683400 (rank 4)69707000 (rank 6)717273TurnDefaultTraining 1
Training 2Training 3

Here is a table showing the XP Total gained over time :

0000000000000000000000000000000000 (rank )00000000 (rank )0000000 (rank )0000000000000000000000 (rank )000000000 (rank )00000000000000 (rank )0000000000000000000000000 (rank )00000000000000 (rank )00000000000000000000000 (rank )00000 (rank )000000000000000000000000000 (rank )00 (rank )0000000000000000000000000000000 (rank )000000000000000000000000000000000000 (rank )000000 (rank )0000000 (rank )0000000000000000000000000000000000 (rank )000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (rank )000000000 (rank )00000000000000000 (rank )00000000000000000

Training Skill Table - Part 2

TurnDefaultTraining 1Training 2Training 3747576777879808182837055 (rank 6)8485868788899091924600 (rank 5)939495969798991007000 (rank 6)10110210310410510610600 (rank 7)
10710810911011111211311411511611711811912012112212312412510625 (rank 7)1261271281291301311321331341351361371381391407000 (rank 6)141142143144145146TurnDefaultTraining 1Training 2Training 3

370051620030525063003053206460003053654500305460663000305530671500400056006000405056706800450600041505000420050042505072250043006020730506073008400616080445062306500450063005000455063703500644020004650655004700650040665000406720600060450090603090601590500000005050707002577000515072030052007280005250735025005300200600 (rank 7)50000060503065150000505507035600402000565050057000050500050200000103010156000000000605070226407000615004550062004000625025 (rank 7)00630080260050000060050306500001000655070353266004020006650500670000605000602060004500603030007050790700071502155007200400072505025007300204600

Training Skill Table - Part 3

TurnDefaultTraining 1Training 2Training 314714814915015115210640 (rank 7)15315415515500 (rank 8)15615715815916016116216316416516616716816917017117217317417517617717817918018118218315555 (rank 8)
18418518618718818919019119219319419519619719819920020120220320420520620720820921021121210600 (rank 7)21321421521621721821922022000 (rank 9)22122215540 (rank 8)TurnDefaultTraining 1Training 2Training 3

7350102901249500740010360125800074501043012665007500105001275000755010570128350076001290765010710130050077001078013090007750108501300 (rank 8)78001093260007850109901334500790011060134300079501113013559008000111360000805011270136850081001134013770008114101385500810139400082501014025008300101411000835010140084001014280008450101436500850010144500085501014535008600101460865010050087001290008750122507500880012300088501239045008900124603000895012530790090001260000009050126708500910012740700091281055 (rank 8)00912880400092501295025009300130000935013090950094001380009450132306500950013300900095501337035009600134400965013510050097001358090009750136507500980013700098501379045009900138603000995013930990010000140000000100501407085001010014140010145500101428040001025014350250010300144000103501449095001040014560800010450146306500105000050001055070350000 (rank 7)4011065010050010700809000505075080000850904509006030095030000000020 (rank 9)210507085-0040 (rank 8)70-

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2856394051					

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