Dismemberment Overhaul Patching 101

Dismemberment Overhaul Patching 101


Dismemberment Overhaul is a mod where I add custom dismemberment limb mesh on a units that's normally cannot be.. well, dismembered! The mod itself is design to be very simple and extremely lightweight. (for my own sanity)

But there is a catch, You will need a patch for it to work on any Custom units and Reskin mods! So today I'll be guiding you(and me) to make a patch for your favorite custom units and reskin!

Oh and ask for their permission first if it wasn't your mod cause some modder won't be very please if you're using their file without their permission as for my mod you can use and experiment with any file you want.

Tools + Setup

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If you want to get serious about modding you should look at Cryswar's Packfile Modding Guides instead.


Tools you'll needRPFM[github.com]

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OR Assets Pack

Installation: https://youtu.be/2pCHVl_j5WQ

The mod itself is relatively simple and I'll explain everything in details as we go along, In this guide I'll be using the Ultimate All-in-one file if you are using Ultimate All-in-one you should be able to follow all the same, And I'll be patching Ogre Reskin by Storeslem as an example.


First thing first, Ready your file and everything you need, In this case I will need Dismemberment Overhaul: Ultimate file and Ogre Reskin file and for Dismemberment Overhaul: Ultimate file It should be in, Copy both files and place it somewhere workable.

Wait hold on how do I know where to find the file I need?Look at the last directory that is long number as 2917130264 and 2927130746 THESE are workshopID it will directly link with workshop pages!

All done? Let's continue.

Actually Patching

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Let's get right into it, Open up chin_dismember_ultimate.pack file with RPFM.

You'll see this screen if everything is correct

Click and expand chin_dismember_ultimate.pack variantmeshes/wh_variantmodels and you'll see the following

bc2? bc2b? hu4 ox1? What the heck are these!? These are model's skeleton name for the units for example bc2 is BIGCAT2 which is a skeleton for Demigryph and hu4 is a skeleton for Giant and inside you'll find custom made dismemberment stump for the unit associated with their skeleton, You'll need the same skeleton as the patching unit for it to worked!

And today we'll be making patch for Ogre Reskin so I'll take a look at target file to do that I'll also open up @Xtra_Ogre which is a target file.

What we're looking for is units Varientmeshdefinition or VMD these will contains everything about how the unit's model will appears in the game!

Expand the file -> variantmeshes/variantmeshdefinitions

Find and open up the target unit to patch I'll start with ogre irongut which is /ogr_irongut_base1.variantmeshdefinition

You will see words mumbojumbo aka XML file don't panic! these are pretty simple if you look closely it just a bunch word that had been segmented with tag such as <SLOT>blablabla</SLOT> and you will notice the place I circled, That will be the units skeleton we'll be using which is hu13 or an Ogre Skeleton! So that is the part we'll be using today.

If the Skeleton doesn't existed in my Ultimate All-in-one pack it just mean that I haven't made dismember stump for that units yet and cannot be use!

Create a new packfile, On the top left of RPFM click Packfile>New Packfile and Save and rename it.

Rightclick on the newly created packfile>Add>Add From PackFile

7.Adds @Xtra_Ogre.pack also noted that @Xtra_Ogre is our target units to patch.

Add the patching units VMD file to your Patch, Just expands and double click on varientmeshdefinition folder or a file, Don't worry if you misclick you can delete the excess file anytime.

If everything is done correctly so far the result will be the same as picture above

Done? Nice! The next step we'll be comparing my Irongut VMD and the reskin Irongut VMD file inside your newly created packfile, Now open up Ultimate All-In-One Irongut VMD the same way as above!

This is Dismemberment Overhaul Irongut

And this is Storeslem's Ogre Reskin Irongut

Notice the difference? Yes in the Irongut Reskin VMD there is no stump mesh for their Ogre! Literally all you need to do is COPY and add these lines to the target, Don't worry if everything else isn't the same it just worked™


You'll need to make sure that the <SLOT> is covering every lines and end with </SLOT> otherwise you game will Crash and BURN, Just kidding it would just crash.

Now press Ctrl+S to save or Click on top right PackFile>Save PackFile, Do this for every Ogre Units you want to patch and that's it!



Question And Testing!

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Oi isn't that too easy ya git! what about other units that isn't Ogre?Notice this two part about Model Skeleton I mention earlier? You Just have to change these OR look at my Ultimate All-in-one Pack Units VMD like this one for reference!

Now how do I test it???Copy the file and paste it in your game data folder and enable it in launcher!

I want to upload my patch to workshop, How?Read this:


What should I name my patch packfile?Read about sorting order here[stackoverflow.com]

TLDR: You can use both name and load order to make it higher priority than file mod you're patching! and it will overwrite the target's VMD files, Patching it.

Can't you just make patch for me?Yeah I'll be make patch but I won't cover all of them.. you give cat a fish and he will eat it in a day but if you teach a cat to fish he'll have fish to eat all days! Also I have incurable chronic illness called "extreme laziness"

Special Thanks to Storeslem who kindly let me mess-up use his mod as an example for this guide!

Alright Have FUN!

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2927133260					

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