caravan rewards


Marienburg: tradewarrant

category follower

effect salevalue of cargo +25 % tradeincome +10%

Shattered stone bay: Celestialtitanrelic

category arcane artifact

effect: increases researchspeed + 20%

Erengrad: grifynulanlance:

category: weapon

effect: chargebonus 20 chargebonus army cavalary 15%

Altdorf: luminar lense

category: enchanted object

effect: reduces fireresistenz of a local enemy army 40% bound spell fireball

castle drakenhof: blade of the from carstein

category: weapon

effect: vampiric corruption local +4 meleeattack + 8 grants frenzy grants regeneration

novchozy: frozen pendant

category: talisman

effect: bound spell windblast

Frozen landing (maybe frozen lands not sure with this translation) frost wrym skull

category: armor

effect: vanguard deployment army get projectileresistenz 4%


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