Challenge: "Red Cap Roundup" (Summit Forest)

Challenge: "Red Cap Roundup" (Summit Forest)


Challenges is a side tasks in game. They not required to complete storyline, but can give you extra xp and fun. But they required to finish game on 100% and to achieve "Inconceivable!" achievement.

I wrote this guide because items, required to complete challenge, is hard to find and they not marked on map, unlike other tasks.

I split a guide on locations, because if write everything in one pass, it will too big. Maybe I combine everything into one later.

Items are listed in the order, which they are encountered throughout the game. Of course you can always go back to the desired location and to find the missing items.

Challenge Overview

Challenge: Red Cap Roundup.

Location: Summit Forest.

You need to find mushrooms, growing in different places of this level, and collect them by pressing "use" button. There is 10 mushrooms and you need find and collect them all.

This level separated on next locations: funeral pyre, crash site, big valley. Two mushrooms growing at crash site behind helicopter, one growing at passage between crash site and big valley, seven growing at big valley.

#01 At Right Of The Helicopter

Challenge: "Red Cap Roundup" (Summit Forest) image 11

Helicopter crashed and Roth was killed . You start this level near funeral pyre above precipice. This is nothing you can do there, so go forward until you find a crashed helicopter.

First mushroom growing near entrance. Easy way to find this mushroom is searching near wall, which helicopter's tail pointed is.

#02 Behind Helicopter

Challenge: "Red Cap Roundup" (Summit Forest) image 15

Go behind helicopter. Second mushroom growing near wall close to nose of helicopter.

#03 Passage Between Crash Site And Big Valley

Challenge: "Red Cap Roundup" (Summit Forest) image 18

Go into passage between crash site and big valley. Use animal instinct. and attentively look at left wall when you walk through. Mushroom growing near left wall and there is no conspicuous marks, which can helps you.

#04 Between Entrance And Bridge

Challenge: "Red Cap Roundup" (Summit Forest) image 21

When you enter big valley walk close to left wall. (This is not exactly "wall", this is wall of trees, which you can't pass through.) Somewhere in the middle between entrance and bridge you will find a mushroom.

#05 Below Bridge

Challenge: "Red Cap Roundup" (Summit Forest) image 24

Mushroom growing under bridge on opposite shore, close to cliff. Cross the bridge, collect him and return back.

#06 On Shore

Challenge: "Red Cap Roundup" (Summit Forest) image 27

Be sure you standing on the shore with forest, not on the shore with building. Go from bridge along the shore until you find a log, which lying one end on the shore and other end in the water. This is very close from bridge, so not go to far. Mushroom growing near this log.

#07 On Edge

Challenge: "Red Cap Roundup" (Summit Forest) image 30

This one is hard to find because he groving not on the ground, but on edge high above ground.

You need find a hill in center of forest. This hill is near a second bridge and this is only one hill in this location. Climb on this hill and go close to cliff around this valley.

You will see a small edge on this cliff right in front of you. Jump on this edge and collect mushroom.

#08 Corner Of River And Cliff

Challenge: "Red Cap Roundup" (Summit Forest) image 35

Return to river and go along the shore to the end of location. Mushroom growing at corner of river and cliff.

#09 Split In Wall

Challenge: "Red Cap Roundup" (Summit Forest) image 38

Cross river to opposite shore with mansion. You need to find a split in cliff around location between river and exit. This is two splits: one with water, one with dry ground. You need last one. Mushroom growing deep in this split.

#10 Exit From Location

Challenge: "Red Cap Roundup" (Summit Forest) image 41

On the right side of the building is stairs, which leads to exit from location. Mushroom growing on top of this stairs.


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