Challenge: "Previous Inhabitants" (Cliffside Bunker)

Challenge: "Previous Inhabitants" (Cliffside Bunker)


Challenges is a side tasks in game. They not required to complete storyline, but can give you extra xp and fun. But they required to finish game on 100% and to achieve "Inconceivable!" achievement.

I wrote this guide because items, required to complete challenge, is hard to find and they not marked on map, unlike other tasks.

I split a guide on locations, because if write everything in one pass, it will too big. Maybe I combine everything into one later.

Items are listed in the order, which they are encountered throughout the game. Of course you can always go back to the desired location and to find the missing items.

Challenge Overview

Challenge: Previous Inhabitants.

Location: Cliffside Bunker.

You need to find banners, hanging in different places of this level, and burn them. There is 4 banners and you need find and burn them all.

#01 Big Gun

Challenge: "Previous Inhabitants" (Cliffside Bunker) image 10

To get into the bunker, you need climb around precipice and climb up through room with big gun.

When you climb up into this room, take a look on opposite wall. Banner hangs oppose place, where you climbed up.

#02 Big Room

Challenge: "Previous Inhabitants" (Cliffside Bunker) image 14

Through crack in wall you will get to big room with many enemies inside. Stay in center of this room and turn to wall with crack, through which you snuck into this place. OK, now look up. Banner hangs above you, on the level of third floor.

If you not see it, then just pass this place. Before moment, when you need to jump on platform and from platform jump to the roof, take a look on wall behind platform. Banner hangs on this wall.

#03 Roof

Challenge: "Previous Inhabitants" (Cliffside Bunker) image 18

Climb on the roof. (This is not exactly roof, this is fourth floor of demolished building, but I call this place a roof, because this is no ceiling above you.) When you just climb up, turn around to hole in floor. Behind this hole you will see a wall and banner hanging on this wall.

#04 Tower

Challenge: "Previous Inhabitants" (Cliffside Bunker) image 21

Turn back again and go to edge of roof, but not jump down. Below you you will see a truck and tunnel (or garage) left of this truck. On the roof of this tunnel is a metallic tower. Banner hangs on this tower.

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