Tips 'n' Tricks & Early Game Walk-through

Tips 'n' Tricks & Early Game Walk-through


Keep growing in broken pots if your strain growth time is 3 minutes or less. Don't use lights or ventilation until you are in the lvl 15 range. Both of these measures will increase your profit margin and speed up the early game. The main drawback of this, is that you don't receive XP for growing in broken Pots.

Don't buy grow boost etc early game, just buy more buckets and increase grow speed that way.

Late game, the highest lvl Grow Boost will save you money by reducing durability loss on Pots and Components.

To maximize profits, always grow the most recent strain you have unlocked.

You can quickly dispose of broken pots by interacting with the grow setup which they are on and hitting X for Advanced Options then C to Remove Broken Pots.

Mold reduces the quality of a plant the longer it is growing while infected. Mites reduce quantity in the same manner. Both can be ignored though, as you’ll lose more money treating/preventing these afflictions than you would by just letting them grow and harvesting when complete.


Hand out Doobies to Burnouts early game to raise their Respect and Addiction level and to lure them into your shop. To speed this up, you can buy them for 12$ a piece from ‘Slim’ from the Tutorial (out of your shop to the right)

When giving out freebies, if the customer is willing to buy, raise the price to the max regardless of % chance. It will still succeed frequently, and you’ll be receiving a huge profit boost. You use Q and E to adjust the price when selling outside of your store.

Respect (Thumbs Up) affects how many grams a customer will buy and the likelihood a customer will buy Merch from your displays.

Loyalty (Green Arrow) goes up each time you make a deal with a customer. The higher this value is, the more likely the customer is to buy Merch from your shelves.

Addiction (Smiley Face) affects how many grams a customer will buy.

If you only have one strain, customers will only ask for that strain. If you have even 1 gram of a strain, customers will request it.

If you are left with only 1 gram of a strain, you can get rid of it by rolling it into a Doobie or by smoking it in a 'Dumpster Bong'. This works for any strain in the game.

Starting at lvl 8 you can buy a ‘Ghetto Shelf’ and start selling merch. For fastest progression, only stock the most expensive Merch items available (Bong/Grinder) as well as the highest lvl Packaged Product.

Customer Relations

When rolling a Doobie/Joint/Blunt, the quality will be reduced if you spill too much weed on the table. THC level is also now factored into the rolled products quality. Likewise, the listed retail price on a 'Package' is only achievable by using a Weed Strain containing at least the same amount of THC that is listed on the Package in the Dope Market.

Tourists will respond favorably to JOINTS containing at least 7% THC (not the ones you buy from ‘Slim’), ‘Locals’ will need a BLUNT containing at least 11% THC or better.

To attract ‘Tourists’ and ‘Locals’ into your shop you need to raise your ‘Popularity’ to the group with ‘Decorations’ and shop upgrades. In the ‘Pimp It’ app on your computer, you can see the breakdown of your popularity. To get 'Locals' to enter you shop, you need a combined total of 45 or greater ('Base Popularity' + 'Local Popularity'). Promo will likely tie into this system as well, but currently the stat does not affect anything.

You can raise your Respect with customers by stocking two different types of the same category of weed (sativa/indica). When someone asks you for the lower tier, give them a higher tier instead. They will only pay the price of the lower tier weed, but you'll receive 1 respect with them.


Employee Inventory is managed through the DO-er app. Click the employee you want to manage, then the picture of 3 crates in the “Available Inventory” section.

Promo staff needs Doobies/Joints/Blunts/Crackwoods/Crossjoints/Dolla Joints to hand out. Farmers need Seeds. Merch Managers need Packaged Products, Bongs and/or Grinders.

You can assign merch to a specific shelf by clicking the shelf, X for Display Options, Z to Assign Restocker Merch, then choose the item you want to be stocked.

Stocking accuracy depends on your employee's Merch Manager level.

Much like myself, employees need to get high to function at peak efficiency. Place some joints (or any rolled product) in their inventory, and they will automatically get high when they need it.

Leveling up your Employees, and then putting perks into specific skills, increases the speed at which they complete that task.

Employees are paid for by the Real Time Hour. Every 60 minutes IRL you will auto pay their wage again.

If you want to reset your employees' perks, you can beat them down with the Sh**scalibur. This will reset them to level 1 and you will need to level them up again.

You can have multiple employees assigned to the same task.


Press the '1' key to show your weed overlay. This shows the breakdown of different strains you are in possession of. The green circle around the icon indicates quality level. If the quality level gets low, customers will pay less per gram.

DELIVERIES ARE NOW DELIVERED VIA DRONE, CHECK OUTSIDE YOUR SHOP! You can change your shipping method when placing an order. There are 3 options, 'UPS' which takes 90 seconds and costs you 10% of the purchase order, 'Ex' which takes only 10 seconds, but costs 20%, and 'USBS' which takes 300 seconds, but costs a flat rate fee of 50$. It is VITAL you use the last shipping method generally to increase your profit once you start ordering about $1000 worth of products at a time.

The shop Open/Close sign isn't broken, it's supposed to be placed on a window so you can see it from the outside. If you don't have a window yet (first shop upgrade required), you can just stick the sign on your wall and it will function as usual.

Check around all the trash cans for Doobies and Cash during your downtime. The doobies you find are good to be given to Burnouts unless their quality (indicated with a green circle in the corner of the icon) is below 50-60%, at which point you can package them in a doobie pack and sell them for just under $50.

Getting high can earn you 50% more exp. This only takes effect at 'B*tch Don't Go Under' or higher.

Tutorial Walkthrough

Tips 'n' Tricks & Early Game Walk-through image 38

Talk to ‘The Dude’ and follow his mission line. He will send you to different people around the boardwalk who are indicated with a marker on your HUD.

Drop the paint buckets acquired from ‘Dr Greenbum VD’ in your back grow-room and start growing. Place your ‘Small Weed Jar’ on the ground for now.

While your plants are growing, go outside to the trash cans lining the boardwalk and pick up ‘Trash Money’ and ‘Crappy Doobies’.

Once you are on the mission ‘Deal on the Boardwalk’, start finding ‘Burnouts’ (Displayed under their name) walking by and hand them Doobies. MAKE SURE THEY ARE BURNOUTS. If they agree to buy some weed, use the E key to adjust the price slider until it says around 70-80%.

Now follow the next mission objective to find ‘Michelle’ down an alley surrounded by old Weed Shop Equipment. Buy the counter from him by directly interacting with it. If you don’t have 100$ yet, make some more street deals or pick up more trash money.

Set the counter up in your shop, then give more doobies out to Burnouts, this time asking them to come back to your shop instead of making a deal. Once you raise someone's respect a few times (with the free Doobies) and get them to come to your shop, they will continue coming back.

After you complete these sales, go back to ‘Michelle’ and buy the ‘Marijuana’ poster and the framed picture of Weed Shop 2 for a combined total of $119. If you don’t have enough, make more sales or pick up more trash money. If you’d like you can stay in this game stage and keep accumulating money to buy the ‘Home Sweet Hemp’ sign which is hanging above the door.

**IMPORTANT** You should now be on a mission called ‘Swingin It’. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you save at this point so you have a safe return spot, as the next part can be tricky. Talk to ‘Michelle’ who will ask you to go get the ‘Sh*tscalibur’ which you pickup just by clicking on it. Careful though, NPCs will be trying to take you out! Return with the weapon to ‘Michelle’ who will send you back to the ‘The Dude’ to ‘f*ck him up’. F*ck him up.

Now go back and talk to ‘Michelle’. He will give you your first PC which you use to order items going forward. This concludes the TUTORIAL! CONGRATS!


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