Defense Tower DPS Breakdown

Defense Tower DPS Breakdown


Actual DPS (single target) was calculated using 1 tower against 1 enemy.

Swarm DPS (multiple targets) uses 10 towers against 100 enemies.

Altho multiple tests were conducted for each enemy, swarm test results have the most variance due to many variables such as creature size, health, behavior, pathing, clustering, tower placement, etc. A best effort was made to average the results.

Very small creatures were not used in swarm tests, since they have a tendency to provide very inconsistent numbers. For example, a rocket that's supposed to inflict 400 damage when hitting an enemy with 100 HP, the 300 extra damage will not register. Since the calculation is ( Enemy HP * Enemy Qty / Tower Qty / Time to Kill ). Also, the Laser Tower requires a few seconds for it to reach max damage, so creatures with low HP tend to die before the tower reaches max damage, and the tower has to start over. The more HP the enemy has the more consistent the results. Ranged enemies were also avoided, due to their nature of spreading around the tower and not clustering, and also not being near enough some towers.

Level 1 Towers

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Level 2 Towers

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Level 3 Towers

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