TGAA HQ Audio Restoration Patch [Mod]

What Is This?

This is a mod for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles that replaces audio in the game with higher quality counterparts, using sources like the official soundtrack release, as well as the original 3DS games. All tracks were imported one-by-one by hand, and authentically match the original tracks in terms of looping, audio volume, and length.

Why Should I Use This?

A lot of care and passion went into the soundtrack for both TGAA: Adventures, and TGAA: Resolve on Capcom's part, and seeing as the music is predominantly orchestral, the entire range of sound deserves to be heard the way it is in the original 3DS games, as well as on the soundtrack release.

Issues fixed by this restoration patch include:

Music that sounds too quiet, even if you turn it up

Music that sounds muffled, with certain instruments being harder to hear

General audible compression artifacts

Still not convinced? Listen to this comparison video (with headphones!) and hear the difference:

Sounds Absolutely Splendid, Where Do I Get It?

You can download the restoration patch at one of the following links (instructions inside):

Mirror 1 (Google Drive)[]

Mirror 2 (GameBanana)[]

What's Next?

At the moment, only the music across both Adventures and Resolve has been replaced. In the future, I may look into restoring sound effects as well, along with potentially adapting a restoration patch for the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Please let me know below if you encounter any bugs while using this patch (including music not playing where it should, etc).

Finally, if you enjoy the games' soundtracks (enough to use this patch, anyway), I would highly recommend buying the official soundtracks here on Steam, which are available in a variety of formats, including lossless:

The soundtracks to both Adventures[] and Resolve[] are also available to stream on Spotify, and other streaming services.


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