Using AriseFix & Arise-SDK on linux


I am not the creator of either mod/fix and don't know much about them besides how to install and get it to work.

I have only tested it for a very short period as of yet.

You may lose all save data

The following instructions is based on using both AriseFix and Arise-SDK

AriseFix [] is created by KingKrouch

Arise-SDK [] is created by emoose

Please don't give this "guide" any awards. Any awards should go to either creator instead.

This guide is based on KingKrouch's post (2021-09-28) on Tales of Arise's discussions "Tales of Arise: Ultrawide/16:10/4:3 support, Cutscene FPS Uncap, FOV fix thread (AriseFix WIP)"

Originally posted by KingKrouch: I'm probably gonna go back to Windows, due to a few issues with NVIDIA's drivers on Linux that cause some black screen issues with games when GSync is enabled. But for anyone using Linux, here's some advice to getting this mod, and even AriseSDK to run:

- Debug binaries seemingly refuse to run. Although I may imagine that debugging through Proton may or may not be an issue that I'll need to look into.

- You need to install Visual C++ 2019 Redistributables through Protontricks by running protontricks steamappidhere --force vcrun2019.

- You also need to set the Winecfg Windows version to Windows 10 by running protontricks steamappidhere winecfg.

- You need to add WINEDLLOVERRIDES="xinput1_3,dsound=n,b"%command% to your launch parameters. Remove xinput1_3 if you aren't using AriseSDK.

- After doing all of those things, you need to delete the compatdata folder for the game in question before running it again, otherwise it will refuse to launch.


Installing both AriseFix & Arise-SDK are quite simple but to set it up we need to do a little bit more than on windows.

Start by downloading AriseFix here [] remember to click on to download the mod.

Then navigate to where Tales of Arise is installed and extract the plugins folder and dsound.dll into "Tales of Arise\Arise\Binaries\Win64" where "Tales of Arise.exe" is located.

Next we'll get Arise-SDK here []

Extract xinput1_3.dll & Arise-SDK.ini into the same folder as with AriseFix

"Tales of Arise\Arise\Binaries\Win64"

Make sure they are located where "Tales of Arise.exe" is located and not in the plugins folder.

Now here's where it's different from windows. We need to install Visual C++ 2019 Redistributables through Proton tricks and set winecfg windows version to windows 10.

To use protontricks we'll need to have it installed.

Plase check out the installation [] and community packages [] sections of protontricks to install it properly.

After installing protontricks you need to type in a few commands in your terminal.

Installation of Visual C++ 2019 Redistributables for Tales of Arise is done using

protontricks 740130 --force vcrun2019

While it is installing you will be prompted a few times so remember to click okay/install.

Next is setting winecfg windows version to windows 10:

protontricks 740130 winecfg

This time only one window will pop up and all you need to change is the windows version to windows 10. The setting should be at the bottom right above the okay & cancel buttons.

In the middle where you can choose a few different games you should just select the first option which is default if it isn't already selected.

Next you need to add WINEDLLOVERRIDES="xinput1_3,dsound=n,b" %command% to the launch options of the game.

If you aren't using Arise-SDK then you can remove xinput1_3 from the launch option.

Note: If you're using proton-ge and want to use fsr at the same time it should look something like this:

WINEDLLOVERRIDES="xinput1_3,dsound=n,b" %command% WINE_FULLSCREEN_FSR=1 %command%

After doing all of this you need to delete the compatdata folder before running the game as it will refuse to run if you don't.

Final Notes

Please note that this might delete your save data. I cannot guarantee that you will still have your save data as I've lost a recent save going from windows to linux but this might just have been because it didn't upload the save data at the time. And after figuring out how to get AriseFix and Arise-SDK to work on linux i lost all my save data.


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