Market Buy/Sell Resource Limits

Market Buy/Sell Resource Limits


Market Buy/Sell Resource Limits image 1

" For organic, Energy from jobs are 50% more than mineral, And for machines, 100% more than mineral. (6/8 vs 4), So, Buying minerals for less than 1.5 energy is profit.

Minerals: 42 buy / 64 sell, Price: 1.30 / 0.70

Foods: 42 buy / 64 sell, Price: 1.30 / 0.70

Consumer Goods: 21 buy / 32 sell, Price: 2.60 / 1.40

Alloy: 10 buy / 16 sell, Price: 5.20 / 2.80

Stay in these value above, Price will stay at the base. All values above are tested in default UoE, At start. "

This is an exact quote from Nyaruko on the Paradox Forum.

FOR Nyaruko

IF you want me to take this down or be labeled as contributor lemme know. I only made this so I wouldn't have to remember and I could quickly Shift + Tab in game to have a look


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