IDs for the new Relics


In the new DLC, Ancient Relics, it introduces... Relics. Now this is just the ids for them in case you want to spawn them in.

First of all, what you need to know is that to spawn in a relic, in the console (activated with ` which is under your escape key) you need to type add_relic (Relic ID)

The IDs

First of all, if you just want to spawn all of the relics in you use the parameter 'all' instead of the relics ids

Cybrex War Forge = r_war_forge

Javorian Pox Sample = r_pox_sample

Vultaum Reality Perforator = r_reality_perforator

Yuht Cryo Core = r_cryo_core

Extradimensional Warlock = r_unbidden_warlock

Isolated Contingency Core = r_contingency_core

Prethoryn Brood-Queen = r_prethoryn_queen

Scales of the Worm = r_worm_scales

Ether Drake Trophy = r_dragon_trophy

Khan's Throne = r_khans_throne

Blade of the Huntress = r_ancient_sword

Head of Zarqlan = r_severed_head

Miniature Galaxy = r_galaxy

Psionic Archive = r_zro_crystal

The Defragmentor = r_the_defragmentor

The Last Baol = r_the_last_baol

The Omnicodex = r_omnicodex

The Rubricator = r_rubricator

The Surveyor = r_surveyor

The Galatron = r_galatron


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