some gameplay tips


1. most tasks given by NPCs are repeatable quests, most of the time it isnt really worth it due to the loss of resources. things like killing mutants while you do get a money reward it may be more useful to just loot corpses.

2. blue containers that you can stash in can be used for storage, these are in places like cordon,bar and Yantar. most places have them

3. small wooden creates and smaller blue containers can be smashed with the knife, sometimes they contain ammo.

4. save your Artifacts for later in the game as they can be bought at full price by a NPC later on.

5. never go out of your way for looting a stash, only go for them when convenient. Also it should be mentioned that these stash's are normally found on a enemies body's PDA.

6.Energy drink replenish running meter. some reason i didn't realise this thinking the drinks were pointless and a little gimmick as i believe it literally says STALKER on the can, either way its good to know.

7. an issue with the game crashing, im unsure how but i found out from a forum that turning of steam overlay can help in stopping the game crash.


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