How to play Radiophobia 3 with Steam

Fairly Easy Steps:

1) Go to this site to download the files:

Download: Radiophobia 3 - BETA 1.07a & Radiophobia 3 - Patch 1.1 + Hotfix 2

2) Extract Radiophobia 3 - BETA 1.07a to a new folder. Let's call it 'Radiophobia 3'. Copy and replace the update files from Radiophobia 3 - Patch 1.1 + Hotfix 2

3) Download the vanilla game from Steam. Right click, browse local file and then paste the folder 'Radiophobia 3' inside the base game folder

4) Download SteamEdit:

5) Extract to anywhere and then open 'SteamEdit.exe'

6) Type and find the game

7) Press 'Edit Launch'

8) Copy and paste this in the executable box: Radiophobia 3/bin_x64/xrEngine.exe

Press 'OK'

6) Press 'Save & Refresh'. Steam will restart

7) Launch game from Steam. Enjoy!

Any comments let me know. Should also work with other standalone mods.


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