How to fix resolution ( ) 1080p

A Few Notes

Some people do not get this bug, and some completely deny its existence and say the players not being able to play at the correct resolution are just lazy. This is not true, some computers don't allow the ability to pick the correct option for some reason.

Also sometimes after doing this the resolution resets and you have to enter the command, stated later, again. This will happen sometimes when opening the game or when the resolution is changed. If you change it, the option on the drop-down will disappear, despite not even being able to activate it from there. I guess it's just there to tell you.

Now To Console Commands. (Консольные команды)

When the game is open, stay at the main menu, as that is a more comfortable way to test, rather than being out in the open and then having a mutant maul you for not being able to see.

1) The default console button for most games, including this one, is ~. It is located next to 1 on most keyboards. You can set it to whatever you want, or keep it as is.

2) Open the console and paste in the command: vid_mode *your PC resolution* (for example, vid_mode 1920x1080 for 1080p computers). You can get your native PC resolution from resolution settings on Windows.

3) Make sure that the only spaces are between 'vid_mode' and your desired display resolution, no gaps between X and Y values, and the x between the two. If all is done correctly, press enter and wait a little bit. For some displays it should happen almost instantly, and for others you should either wait or alt-tab and do something else for a sec.

If your entire monitor is filled then you have done it correctly, if not then you probably entered it incorrectly.

Извини я плохо говорю по русски

1) Откройте консоль с помощью ~

2) Затем введите его: vid_mode (размер экрана вашего компьютера)

3) Нажмите Enter и подождите

Теперь это должно быть исправлено за несколько секунд.

Something To Not Care About

Yes, I set the guide's language to Russian for the Russians out there that need help, if you speak English you probably already know that we are shown everything, even when it's not in our language so don't complain. Also I'm not going to ask for favourites or comments or some stupid ♥♥♥♥ because this is a guide not a YouTube video. Shut your moot I fixed your problem now piss off.

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