Beginners Guide to Being "Lost To The Zone"

Lost To The Zone? What?!

Among the S.T.A.L.K.E.R community there is a special phrase - "Lost To The Zone". This phrase represents your success as a Stalker during your hardships in the zone. This special phrase encompasses everything from money and fame to powerful weapons and rare artifacts.

This guide is going to teach you the two fastest ways you can become "Lost To The Zone".

Option One: Joining The Military

The military is the best faction in the zone. They have the strongest weapons and can help you become famous!

Step One: Leave Sidorovich's Bunker after the intro

Step Two: Walk straight through the rookie village to the road

Step Three: Turn right 90 degrees (south) and follow the road down the hill.

Step Four: Notice the military checkpoint ahead. Walk towards the troops patrolling the road.

Step Five: Run up to meet them! Be recruited into the military faction! Become a Legend!

Option Two: Underpass Electro Anomaly

The Underpass Anomaly is located near the starting area and provides a lot of rare anomalies that can be sold to Sidorovich for a lot of money!

Step One: Leave Sidorovich's Bunker after the intro

Step Two: Turn left 90 degrees (north) and being walking up and over the hills in front of you.

Step Three: Watch out for mutated animals and dangerous anomalies!

Step Four: Sprint north until you find the Underpass below the train tracks.

Step Five: Enter the underpass and stand in the Electro anomaly to recharge your health, farm rare artifacts, and earn money!

Good Luck Stalkers!

This guide showed you the two fastest ways to get "Lost To The Zone". There are plenty of more ways throughout the whole game!

I hope this guide helps all beginning players on their journey through the zone. Good hunting Stalkers.


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