Slums - Working the Streets

Some Really Basic Details

Buying and selling (as in meeting up with the street crowd, thugs, dealers, black market players, goombahs, etc., or if you prefer, NOT your simple vendors where you go to a shop and make a purchase) requires that you have a few things.

Money and/or Merchandise - You want to but it? You need cash. (Duh) You want to sell it? You need the merch. (Again, duh)

Working the Streets (WTS) - You are given one(?) opportunity per day to WTS. If you decline the choice, then you will not be able to work the streets until the event appears again. You need higher levels of WTS to buy/sell certain merchandise and take certain actions. You do not need to buy or sell something to proceed to higher levels of WTS, as you may wait/skip the item/event and receive a small amount of WTS.

Supply and Demand (S&D) - Think of this as another currency. You will need S&D to buy/sell product and for certain events.

(Note, I cannot call this a requirement at this time, but it has a place here...) Street Sense - It is part of the process, but I am unsure how it fits and helps/hinders Working the Streets. I think it might help with increasing/decreasing WTS more quickly or maybe cost. Moving through the cycle requires that you either wait, but or sell (or take certain actions at the start of WTS) to progress through the cycle and if you want to go back, (annoyingly) you need to crawl backwards down the cycle. So if you are at a point to buy explosives (a bit in to the cycle) and decide you want to buy weed (at the start of the cycle) you will need to reduce your WTS to get to that option again (or wait until the next day when you start your cycle over)

About The Data

It is not complete clearly. Some items have not been filled in because I have not had the event since I started the guide or have not found a WTS item for that range. It is possible that some items vary a based off of some other mechanic or RNG that I am not aware of.

At present, the sheet only goes to WTS 97.

Special Notes

Some items will require other items like a level of transport or enough crew. Ones I have noticed are in the Notes column.

CRCrew NeededFCSFamiliarity City Slums NeededYTYLYour Time Your LifeDWTThe Day Wears ThinTNTransport Needed AmountDBDealing Big

Spreadsheet WTS 1-50

ItemAmount$ Lost/GainedS&D NeededWTS MinWTS MaxNotesBuy: Weed30312Buy: Beers1007533Looking to ScoreN/A345Shrimp Cakes200066CR2Buy: Bangers718278HustleN/AN/A5910Buy: Coke16051011Buy: Spikes12001212The Package: Pick-UpN/A31316The Package: HeavierN/A51316Barber ShopN/A2401619Buy: Molly9041920Find a Hash Dealer (Hunt)N/AN/A32022Score some Ice (Meth)6042526Buying Parts: Electronic Components12032629Buying Parts: Copper Wire18032629Buying Parts: Fibre Optic24042629Buying Parts: FPGAs36042629Buying Parts: RAM46852629Buying Parts: Precision Components57652629Fuel Ethanol30Score Some Juice17553132Buying: Explosives: Home Made Thermite6073133FCS8Buying: Explosives: Home Made Pipe Bombs7273133FCS8Buying: Explosives: An Explosive Package120103133FCS8Buying: Explosives: Smoke Grenades22563133FCS8Buying: Explosives: Stun Grenades28573133FCS8Buying: Explosives: Detonators26183133FCS8Buying: ConnectionsN/AN/A83435Follow Your Nose (Help with Hunting)3539Buy: Military Grade AmphetaminesN/A36063738Score some Edge17554041Anti-Depressants1354242Buy: Paperwork: Border Pass21094344Buy: Paperwork: Explosives License1020154344Buy: Paperwork: Ohio Citizenship2460224344Your Rep4344Buy: Oppurtinity: Chemical Supplies6304545A Phone BoothN/A54547Lunch104549YTYL,DWTBuy: People (Crew)5054647CR1Buy: Cadavers: Boy2850224850TN3Buy: Cadavers: Girl3450224850TN3Moments4950

Spreadsheet WTS 51-97

ItemAmount$ Lost/GainedS&D NeededWTS MinWTS MaxNotesBuy: Opportunity: Fiber Optic9005151Find a PCP Dealer (Hunt)N/AN/A45153Sell: Weed2055253Buy: Opportunity: Tools455454Sell: Ammo: Pistol8011965456Sell: Ammo: Shotgun8065456Sell: Ammo: Schock8065456Sell: Ammo: Rifle8075456Sell: Ammo: Heavy4095456Sell: Cheap S***: Bangers2035759Sell: Cheap S***: Meth2055759Sell: Cheap S***: Molly2055759Sell: Cheap S***: Gray Roids2065759Sell: Cheap S***: Dodgy Anti Psychotics2085759Sell: Coke2075859Buy: Cleavers2?366060Sell: PCP24086162Sell: Mind Food: Anti Depressants2054296163Sell: Mind Food: Melatonin2053056163Sell: Mind Food: 5-HTP2012056163Sell: Mind Food: Modafinil2086163Sell: Mind Food: Mixed Bag2086163Sell: Crack2085086465Sell: Opportunity: Real Meat5406666Sell: Juice236768Sell: Spikes: Basics1066971Sell: Spikes: Advanced Wares596971Sell: Spikes: Street586971Sell: Spikes: Enhancer5116971Sell: Spikes: Pro3136971Sell: Spikes: Advanced Skill3136971Sell: Selling Nanites: Stasis286971Sell: Selling Nanites: Medical1126971Sell: Selling Nanites: Implant16971DBSell some Fuel4077071TN6Oppurtunity: One-time ClinicN/A3007272Sell: FirearmsN/A77374Opportunity: Oil and ToolsN/A847575Sell: Anti-Psychotics20107677Selling Organs: Gray1107678Selling Organs: Cloned1127678Selling Organs: Fresh1167678Selling Organs: Testing Kit147678Sell: Mescaline20107980Sell: Hard Facts658283Sell: Hard Drugs: Edge2088387Sell: Hard Drugs: Nexus2098387Sell: Hard Drugs: Military Grade Amphetamines20108387Sell: Hard Drugs: Angel Rain20138387Sell: Hard Drugs: Designer Amphetamines20148387Buy: Boosters (Spikes)2258484Medical Nanites8787Got some Heat?8889Sell: A Body1208991TN5Sell: Diagnostic Tools1139192Buy: Opportunity: Tower Group Scanner3759393Sell: Flesh4209495Buy: Opportunity: Designer Amphetamines2409696Gone DeepN/AN/AN/A9797


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